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Today, my boyfriend was coming home after a month of being away. When I heard him knock on the door, I rushed to open it and jumped into his arms for a hug. It wasn't him; it was the mailman. FML
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Haha I'm OP. Well our door is solid so i couldn't see him. He was supposed to be there soon, so naturally I thought it was him. The mailman looked flustered for a moment (he was an awesome old guy) and then he smiled saying "Wow someone is excited about getting the mail!"

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The mailman probably thinks that OP really loves mail.

At least you didn't try to surprise him by being naked. >.

It's okay! Everybody needs a little love!

Now he'll expect that sort of welcome every time..

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17- be prepared for downward pointing thumbs

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Let's see how many thumbs down I can get.

*eats a bag of popcorn whilst waiting for the mods to kick some ass*

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I'm sorry for my stupid comment it was early and I was bored

I want to thumb you down for the silly comment, but that'll be giving you what you want, and I can't do that? I don't know what to do!! WHAT IS THIS EVIL REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY?

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+1 for #3 & -1 for #25. Case closed.

Because the mailman always delivers. Even large packages... Brown chicken.... Brown cow...

I'm pretty sure that in the porno plots the mailman delivers his packages through the back door.

#4 Ah you stole my comment! But I like the way you think. Ha ha

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Who knows…you could've made his day

Then your boyfriends comes by and witnesses it all. YAY

Lmao word..! Layin the mailman, ****** smooth.

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Is that a golden doodle or Labradoodle in your profile pic shy Ann?

52 - neither, it looks to be a welsh terrier or a wire fox terrier.

He's a wire fox terrier, he was my special boy! He had to be put to sleep about 4 months ago though :-(

Aww! I'm sorry Ann! I know exactly how you feel! Last year my golden retriever had to be put down because of cancer at the age of 10. It was so hard to see him so weak that he couldn't even walk and had to be carried to the vet. One of the saddest days of my life and it will stay with me forever. He was a loved family member as I am sure your dog was too. R.I.P. Clancy. I miss you! :'( Also sorry for the mistake of breed. I now have a golden doodle and it looks fairly similar to it. I am no good at differentiating breeds so it was an honest mistake. I'm sorry again!

It's ok, he wasn't clipped in that picture, so that's probably why it's hard to tell, and he had really curly fur :) sorry about your dog also, and yeah, Pepper was a very loved family member :)

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Well that would've been awkward if your boyfriend came home and saw you hugging the mailman.

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Oops didn't see that #6 already said this.....sorry :/

Right. It was a "mistake". But I'm guessing the mailman didn't mind. :)

Don't lie to us - you were just REALLY excited to get your car insurance bill now that you've saved 15% or more, right? Damn, I should've gone into advertising!

I may be new here but I'm starting to realize that you are awesome.

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Well eventually you can be this nerd- I mean cool (:

DocBastard, I've been on FML for a while...and oddly enough...every time I read your comments, I get the weirdest lady boners....that's all I wanted to say.

72) I get lady boners on my hands, but most people get upset when I show them. Something about "flipping them off".