By Temporalvisions - Canada - Edmonton
Today, I was showing off the Mount Kilimanjaro tattoo that I got after climbing it. It's a silhouette of the mountain and the word "KILI" in bold. My girlfriend told her friends it was actually the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit, and that Kili was my favorite dwarf. FML
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By  WeirdUS  |  29

Kinda funny, but seriously I'd be pissed off it I completed something like that and decided to you that at your expense for a joke. Imagine trying to convince the friends after it wasn't a joke. Especially since it's a life accomplishment to turn it into a joke for 5 min a laughs seems rather tasteless.

By  WeirdUS  |  29

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  WeirdUS  |  29

I agree, it just sucks to have it demeaned for a quick laugh. Especially if your significant other knows it's important to you. It'd be different if it was an in joke with friends later on.