By whitefox123 - 20/09/2010 00:07 - United States

Today, I was riding in the backseat while my mom was driving. Noticing she was driving way over the speed limit, I opened a police siren app on my iPod to make her slow down. When she realized, she pulled over, kicked me out of the car and made me walk home. FML
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too bad there's no app to take you home

green_eyes124 0

haha that app is annoying. my brother gets me all the time : )


Arsonnist 3

Stop! My doughnuts are in there!

Peacemaker9 7

mom yells back "fuck u they're mine now bitch!!" lol

Shookitup 0

Peace :D

Arsonnist 3

Ha, the mom won this round.

Peacemaker9 7


too bad there's no app to take you home

FirstBornUnicorn 0

I bet there is an app.

gps ?  those apps would work

FirstBornUnicorn 0

I was thinking along the lines of Google Maps™.

thebestofboth 20

Taxi back then, uber now ?

Shookitup 0

Well at least if you had gotten kidnapped you could have scared them with the siren :)

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u looked hotter when ur banged were bleached :( my opinion

Shookitup 0

Eh it's still bleached right now, I just figured I'd go back to my old photos XD I just havnt had any recent pictures

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Peacemaker9 7

that stupid the deleted the thread oh well.

Peacemaker9 7

one of the new pictures?

hey gimme your gamertag and I'll play cod with you!

stupid ass teenager... ydi... remember from the passenger seat... the speedometer reads faster than the actual speed... so what if he gets a ticket... you are not the one paying the fine.

FYLDeep 25

It says backseat. Also, it doesn't mention that he used the speedometer to tell how fast she was going. And if she was going way over the speed limit, you'd still be able to tell by the speedometer. It's not going to be off by enough to make a difference.

FirstBornUnicorn 0

OP was in the backseat.

greatnt249 0

Truly shows where your priorities are when you believe that the primary concern about speeding is that "you might get a ticket." Not to mention the fact that the FML clearly states the OP was in the back seat and that MOM was driving. For everyone's sake, please stay off the road.

so what if shes speeding? so what if she crashes the car and kills them both and whoever she hit? stfu and dont drive stupid ass adult

lol it's funny that you did that

ninba20 0

I would have done the same shit...lmao u totally deserved it

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Don't be a backseatsmen.

haha Ive done that before. you still deserve it.

sallen0046 4

Good for her! YDI for being an asshole kid.

hahaha that app trips me out even when I'm not doing anything wrong. I could never REALLY kick someone out of my car for using that while I'm driving. I'll rip them a new one for scaring me, but it's such a relief to know you're not really being pulled over that it kind of cancels the anger. haha but yeah, Y-DEFINITELY-DI