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Today, I was pretending to talk on the phone with my wife just to avoid to speak with my boring coworker. After two awkward minutes of him waiting in front of my desk and me inventing a call, he handed me the disconnected phone cable and left. FML
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Hi folks, OP here. He took the hint.. If there will be a next time, I'll use my cell phone.

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perdix 29

Maybe he'll be so pissed off with you, he won't talk to you anymore. FYL, indeed!

Didn't notice the lack of a dial tone, op...?


perdix 29

Maybe he'll be so pissed off with you, he won't talk to you anymore. FYL, indeed!

wlddog 14

Sounds like he needs to take acting classes.

perdix 29

#11, actually the acting seemed to be effective, the problem was with the Props Department.

But he also deserved it for making his co worker feel bad.

OP should give me a call. I got an A on my Film Studies coursework for my Art Direction. ;)

perdix 29

#13, you sound like a very nice individual. Why don't you ask the OP to put you in touch with the boring co-worker? I'm sure he'd like to Skype with you. Let us know how your friendship goes.

wlddog 14

Gotta keep those scenes shorter to remain believable.

perdix 29

#36, well, brevity is the soul of wit, but it doesn't fill up the 22 minutes required by the standard sitcom.

wlddog 14

Excellent point 45. We can get the standard pretty lady, and almost as pretty lady, and two manly guys, one more sensitive than the other, and you have all sorts of angles to approach the show. Maybe throw a trained dog into the show for kicks.

35, you see like a very kind, fair, and thoughtful person :) Your positivity out me in a good mood!

Didn't notice the lack of a dial tone, op...?

Gonna have to agree #2. OP deserves this. Next time out on headphones or use a cell phone. Or - you know. Humour the boring guy? Or even better - why not be productive and say you've got a lot to do? This is what happens when you brazenly lie to people.

FYL for having to pretend to talk to your wife.

yawateverok 10

uhm u realy suck at puns guys

MzZombicidal 36

Hopefully he gets the hint!

johnnie254 7

That's a waste of time. Why not be tactful and go somewhere else instead of faking it? Honestly, waste of time and energy faking shit.

MzZombicidal 36

Well I say I hope he gets the hint because OP clearly wants to avoid an "awkward" situation. You can see how that worked out. I, myself, would just leave.

Nolimit2217 32

At least he left.. Even if you looked a bit dumb!

Next time, fake a heart attack. That will be much less awkward. Although people might get suspicious when you get a heart attack on a daily basis and only when he's around.

It truly amazes me how people take things so literally on this site. Let's see if your can spot the theoretical technique I'm using in the following sentence so you can redeem yourself: "Because faking a life threatening medical condition is far less grande, elaborate, and disruptive than faking a casual phone conversation." *Hint* The rhetorical technique rhymes with "parkasm."

chezgigi 7

Humor, like F-15s zooming over their heads...

peachesncreem 21

I understand you, OP. Sometimes it's just easier to fake a call than try and endure awkward conversation. Next time, use your mobile phone (on silent, of course).

They have an app for that, your phone will ring for a fake call, you can even set a timer before the call!

This is a good learning experience for the next time you need to fake a call.

My personal opinion is always use a cell phone on silent.

Maybe you should just tell him to leave you alone!

Wizardo 33

Could've just told him you were busy and to not talk to you again... ever. Blunt is better than douchey.

How about next time you just tell him you have work to do and don't have time to chat...