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Today, I lost my laptop, but I have my old childhood computer to use. It's password-protected, and the hint to the password is "meaner than Hera." I haven't been into Greek mythology since I was a kid, and if anything, this computer has just shown me how dumb I've gotten over the years. FML
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HeckIfIKnow tells us more.

So I never figured it out (although I'm pretty sure it wasn't the God of Farts) but the computer was really old anyway, so I'm just gonna borrow my mom's / use the one allotted to me at work until I can afford a new one. Thanks for the suggestions!

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You haven't gotten dumber, your interests changed. When I was a kid I could name scores of dinosaurs off the top of my head. Today I can barely manage a dozen.


Roskosity 22

Try Ares or Zeus. Ares is the god of war and Zeus raped a ton of people. If that doesn't work, the good ole god of the underworld, Hades, oughta crack the code.

lexiieeex3 32

It shouldn't be too hard to guess there are only so many Greek gods and goddesses.

JMichael 25

Actually there were apparently thousands if you count the minor gods and goddesses.

Are you telling me that there's a God of Farts?

I don't think so, though Hades was the god of the underworld, he was pretty nice compared to the rest. Even though he kidnapped Persephone and was cruel to her in the beginning, he was nice to her later, and he generally remains faithful. It could've been Aphrodite too, she was really horrible.

1known_fml 8

Being the god of war or of the underworld doesn't make you mean. As for Zeus, he wouldn't be given as a model today, but I don't recall any story where his attitude was condemned.

Roskosity 22

@133 as I said, Zeus raped people. If that's not enough to question his attitude, idk what is. And Ares fought for the sake of fighting he enjoyed gore and general discord. He liked organized murder and was generally shallow. Read any mythology book and it'll confirm this.

Athena also might work. She's also not the nicest Goddess of Olympia

K_kanaka 26

What about Kronos? He ate Zeus's siblings or something like that

Also lots of nymphs, etc. Look up the most popular Hera myths and see if anything strikes a chord.

OhNoAGhost 18

After reading through this string of comments, I'm somewhat looking forward to a follow-up. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the password was actually the name of a sibling, or someone else not directly related to Greek mythology, they just thought was mean, and used one of their interests at that point in time for the hint.

@147 Kronos was a Titan. Two completely different things. My guess is that they're only talking about gods and goddesses.

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Are you making a joke or being retarded

Don't make fun of the mentally challenged ... They are smarter then that!

*In frys voice from futurama* Not sure if trying to be funny... Or just intellectually impaired

I think 2 was just trying to be funny. It made me laugh !

Than* you rude dipshit. God I just hate it when people use mental illnesses as a joke, it's a real thing.

austincain117 16

At least your child self was smart. It's always good to look at the bright side. I could not have learned Greek mythology as a child.

I have God of War, Age of Mythology and Percy Jackson to thank for my knowledge and interest in Greek mythology.

cjwayy 22
23lf 16

The basics are, after that, it's about as accurate as the movie Noah.

If you knew it once, it should all come back to you very quickly once you refreshed your memory. :)

Rosebudx 32

Percy Jackson is a great gateway to Greek mythology (and Roman, now), even though it may not be accurate. It's not the only mythos that should be read, but a lot of people use it to get kids into the greater literature.

The story isn't a real mythological story, all the basics are true, or as true as they can be, since there are different stories for the same myth.

God of War is also far from accurate but what I think #32 meant is that the games and books got him interested in mythology enough to read up on the actual mythos

Small things and basics are spot on. The rest is for the book. I surprisingly learned a lot about Greek Mythology because of those books. But you've got to look a little further than the plot line.

Just to clarify. I know Percy Jackson isn't accurate. It was more like Percy Jackson made me interested in Greek mythology, which then made me researche on wikipedia for the facts.

@121 Wikipedia is less accurate than the Percy Jackson movies (based off of the books) and those are very inaccurate.

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tantanpanda 26

herecross isn't that old. that pokemon probably didn't exist when OP was a child

I got into pokemon when I was about 8. Pokemon was created in 1996. It was definitely around when people were children.

Heracross was not in Gen. 1 So no. It wasn't around.

it was gen 2. which was when I was 10 or 11. still possible for it to have been around when people were kids. good idea on the heracross.

You haven't gotten dumber, your interests changed. When I was a kid I could name scores of dinosaurs off the top of my head. Today I can barely manage a dozen.

Well I can list all 151 original Pokemon!

So, you are NOT smarter than a Fifth grader!!!

That show just made me feel awful about myself.

That show had questions about stuff I didn't learn until I was a junior in high school.

I'd like to think that show shows the useless stuff we learn as kids that we no longer need as adults, but that's just my opinion...

tantanpanda 26

well, good for you that you learned the snallest moon that orbits jupiter. I didn't learn all that astronomy stuff in elementary school.

iShanny 13

I really want to know if OP figured it out and what it was. Follow up!

Password is OPs mom I bet. "Meaner than Hera," Hera is mom of the gods kinda... I dunno, maybe?

Hera wasn't really the mother figure toward the other god(desses) but more of a Queen figure. As she only gave birth to three major gods, Hephaestus, Ares and Hebe and i think she also gave birth to three minor gods. For someone who was the goddess of childerbirth, marriage and women she was actually quite creul.

Well.. Shit, guess he should just call you for the password then haha

That's why I said "a mother figure kinda," it's a stretch but I know some kids who have said "Hera ain't got nothing on my mom." Just a little semi deductive semi anecdotal reasoning on my part.

Don't feel bad, OP. If you don't use it, you lose it. It happens and it has nothing to do with intelligence. Just relevance of use and interest.

This was a really lovely way to look at it, so positive! I love it :) (I can't like comments on my phone)

trellz17 19

I was just thinking that. If I recall, Hera was a real bitch.

They were all douches. the majority were at least