By Anonymous - 12/12/2015 04:54 - United States - Torrance

Today, I was given the following pearls of wisdom: "My grandmother always told me, if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Anyway, she was a cunt and so are you." Thanks, dad. Thanks. FML
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So what does he say when he's mean???

I don't think he listened to her very much...


So what does he say when he's mean???

friedpwnadge 25

My policy is polite honesty instead of just lying to be nice. He apparently forgot the polite part.

This is why I hate people...

mds9986 24

Well lucky for all of us, most people aren't like this.

If everyone were like this #8, FML would have lots of traffic. Lots.

cheshirecat13242 32

Brutal honesty ftw. Go now, seek refuge in your safe zone.

I don't think he listened to her very much...

Maybe he did and that's how he knows that she's a cunt and his daughter is a cunt just like her.

And the father of the year award goes to....

mds9986 24

Obviously he isn't worth the time worrying about his opinion of you. Based on his need to say that, I wonder who really is the cunt in this situation. Hint: it's not OP.

Real words of wisdom, how true !

Uhm maybe OP is a cunt. Quit being a cocksucker. Sone people just fucking suck and maybe OP's saw that. We also don't know how old OP is. If she's like 14 then this is horrible. But if she's like 30 then she's obviously a big enough cunt for her parents to notice

Mathalamus 24

He insulted his mother and daughter in the same sentence. Great job.

If he wasn't serious , he seems fair funny

What could you have done for him to say something like that?

Way to blame the victim..