By brokenrelicslost - United States
Today, I realized that I have completely fallen for this incredible guy, and that I am really looking forward to where our relationship will take us. He just informed me that he will be doing jail time following his court date Tuesday. FML
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  xNephilim  |  18

My fiancé did some stupid stuff last year and is currently serving time in a probation detention center AKA a minimum security state prison. All that doesn't change the fact that he is an AMAZING person. People make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes lead to prison time. If this is a one time occurrence, then there is nothing wrong with that person. In my fiancé's case, it was drugs. He got caught up in the wrong crowd, the wrong scene, and did some stupid things. Ever since we got together, he has completely changed.
Of course, whenever the person repeatedly gets in trouble for the same thing an refuses to change, I'd advise to heighten the bar a little bit. But even then, love isn't rational. People fall in love all the time and sometimes, of you can broaden your seemingly narrow horizons a little bit, the person they fall in love with did some extremely bad things. Like murdering someone. It happens. Look at any of the prison talk websites and you'll quickly realize that.

By  CYNNER  |  0

Just cuz he's going to jail doesn't make him less incredible. i know a good guy that went to jail cuz his woman cheated on him and left him and he couldn't afford child support.


Or, who knows, maybe he'll DO some butt-raping. You don't know the guy.

Speaking of which, OP, what's he in for? That's the kind of information that really lets us know whether we should sympathetically pity you, or mercilessly mock you. The internet demands to know!