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Today, I was driving home with my dad after buying a new truck. We were on the freeway and the engine wasn't revving up very much. My dad thought that something was wrong with my transmission, so he reached over to change gears. Most cars won't go into reverse at high speeds. Mine does. FML
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Geez dude! 1. get a new Dad! 2. get a new truck - I presume something broke (or crashed) when Mr synapse changed gears for you? - For those asking, my take is: * the truck is (was) an auto; * it was revving low because it has a higher top gear than OP's Dad is used to (could easily be - truck is new - could have a 5 speed gearbox or Overdrive); * dipstick Dad decides truck must be in the wrong gear (FAIL - that would really only be a problem if the engine were revving too HIGH); * so dipstick Dad tries to shift to a higher gear; * instead of going from 4th to 5th, he goes from 5th to Reverse (via Neutral - I'm impressed...); * truck engine and/or gearbox puke 3 shades of brown and/or truck spins or rolls

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and also if you go more than 88 mph you will travel into the past


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hahahahahhahaha that's gold :P

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and also if you go more than 88 mph you will travel into the past

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If you go forword at a speed over 88mph will you go into the future? Your theory is flawed.

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14 your face is flawed. jk its pretty hot.

well, if there wasn't anything wrong with the transmission, there sure is now.

no offense, but your dad is an idiot.

I love how people comment to the op, but the op never reads the comments or replys.

38: I think they do probably read the comments, though, unless they know they'll be majorly criticized for being overweight or something. The few times I've had my own FMLs published, they were embarrassing enough for me to submit anonymously. I read all of the replies and privately responded with a few answers, but only to my FML buddies— people that I [correctly] guessed wouldn't rag me too badly and respect my anonymity in the comments. OPs do occasionally respond; you can find instances of that on the FML blog. I'll bet there would be a lot more OPs responding if you could only submit FMLs under a registered name, but I understand why the creators didn't do that. The site would have a lot more one-time use profiles, and they likely wouldn't get as many submissions as they do. Especially not the really embarrassing ones. :]

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it's from back to the future?

14 are you serious? due east is future and west is , conversely, travel to the past. I swear what do they teach in middle school these days...

and a frizzy haired paedophile for doing your calculations...

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now there's definitely something wrong with your transmission. and possibly someone else's. |the kid|

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if something was wrong with the transmission changing gears wouldn't do anything to fix it...

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This is just stupid. If you were driving why were you letting your dad 'reach over' and do anything? Changing the gear manually in a vehicle with an automatic transmission isn't going to solve anything. You should both know better than to do crap like this.

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I literally LOL'd at this. I don't think I've ever did that to a FML before....lmao!!!

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