By misfitunfit - 05/11/2014 15:58 - United States

Today, I burned my hand while making breakfast. As I staggered around the kitchen in agony, looking for some burn cream, my cat figured he'd latch onto said hand and drag his claws through the burn. FML
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He's usually such a sweet cat! I have no idea if I scared him or what :/ Still hurts!

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Sounds like a catastrophe. Sorry, I just had to.

Cats 101; You can always depend on a cat to kick you when you're down


Sounds like a catastrophe. Sorry, I just had to.

iAmPaul 49

It's a disaster of cataclawsmic proportions. I'll see myself out now.

tony1891 22

that Kitty definitely needs a catitude adjustment.

ahippienamedrae 10

The cat puns are litterally killing me

blazerman_fml 17

Enough is enough!Cat it out guys!

You gotta be kitten me! That sounds like a catastrophe of a day... Your pussy must hate you right meow to do sounds to pawful. I hope rest of your day goes purrrfect!

Perhaps his cat has always had.... meowlicious intentions

Cats 101; You can always depend on a cat to kick you when you're down

SoapTurtle 7

Now thats the the of pussy i dont want.

BBlah 26

Proofreading your comments helps sometimes sometimes. Yes I did that on purpose haha ;)

#3 you say that as if you'd get pussy in the first place...

If you feel the burn you got from a pussy, you should probably see a doctor.

I guess your cat likes the smell of burning flesh.

For future reference, putting a glob of mustard on your burn helps. Just in case anyone needs this tip and does not have any burn cream.

Ashd09 30

or butter. it works pretty well

rocker_chick23 27

Milk helps too. I never heard of putting mustard on a burn. I will have to try that.

knoxxx 22

... or yanno, just some cold water.

Just so you all know, these are great things to put on burns if you want to get an infection. Unless of course its a very minor burn where all of the skin is intact and not blistered. Either way, lukewarm water is the way to go.

rocker_chick23 27

#55: We are talking about minor burns. Only a dumbass would put mustard or milk on second and third degree burns.

I've used sour cream and tomatoes on separate occasions. Both were quite soothing.

#62 you're right but this is the internet and there are a LOT of dumbasses here.

actually you are not supposed to put anything on the burn, just put it under room temperature running water.

headofmedusa 15

WTF dude, it just wanted to help. The burn.