By Cano951 - 16/12/2011 20:16 - United States

Today, I was bitched out by a pizza delivery man. I didn't have the cash to pay him for a pizza I didn't even order. FML
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Take the pizza and run!

Shoulda just said " I didn't order this pizza" and when he tried to bitch you out, that's when you close the door on his face. If he's really upsetting you that much you can always just walk away.


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It's a new scam. I'll go to the grocery store and buy 10 shitty pizzas for $10 then bake them and go door-to-door until I sell them all for $10 each.

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Then theres no profit :(

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$10 each equals a $90 profit. 2+2= You're an idiot.

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Where the hell do you get 10 pizzas for 10 dollars?

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My comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously. At my local grocery store (Publix) there are shitty little pizzas for $1 each. The Mr.P's and Totinos. They are disgusting, but they are only $1.

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Hey totinos are actually good. The triple cheese ones(: btw I work at publix O_O Idkk what that has to do with anything.. :/

Kmart? small ones though.....

If he knows where you live, that's not the smartest thing to do.

Iv heard of this before, people actually do it to get money! That keep boxes and pretend to be the pizza guy!

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Quite unsuccessfully to anyone with a brain. Most if not all delivery drivers wear uniforms and have signs on their cars.

In the area where I live it is actually more normal for the pizza delivery people to just be people in cars. They are in fact usually just driving their own cars and if they were wearing a uniform this time of year you can't see it because of winter coats.

Screw him!!! You eat that pizza! :D

It's fun to order pizza and give them the address across the street. Then sit up in your window and shoot the delivery man with an air soft gun. Haha

Where I come from, that's called assault.

It's from a previous FML

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Then he comes back with his rifle.

If I were him, I would have just eaten it myself! Unless it was crappy pizza...either way, he had no right to be mad at you! It's not like people exactly scheme to trick a pizza delivery guy.

That was brilliant mate!!

you know a gun usually stops pussies from bitching when they are trying to pull a scam

Pizza is like sex - even when it's really bad, it's still pretty good. And it's best when it's hot and messy.

Docbastard is always right ;D