By faentalivetmitt - 29/07/2009 14:24 - Norway

Today, I went to buy lunch at a grocery store. The total was 3 pounds, and my card got rejected for insufficient funds. I fished about for change, and found I only had 2 pounds. A homeless man behind me in the queue then offered to give me the remaining pound. A homeless man paid my lunch. FML
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Hi everyone, I'm the one who posted this. First of all. Of course I thanked him! and of course I could have gotten a cheaper lunch, I was going to in fact, but he offered, and insisted, so I accepted, and was very thankful. All of you who keep saying I'm a heartless bitch should have considered that I was commenting on the irony of it and that I was embarassed, instead of saying how my life sucked because someone was nice to me. I thought it was a funny story. I got the impression that many of the stories on this site are funny rather than tragic. I could of course have written he gave it to me and i was super thankful etc etc, but I thought that was kind of implied. Oh and about the currency. My lunch was 31 kroner. But as I currently live and study in the UK, i'm used to thinking in pounds and thought that would be easier for the majority of FML readers. But apparently that makes me a fake, sorry guys! And I do in fact give money to charity and homeless people. Not long ago I gave one man my last 8 pounds (this was in the UK), so he could buy a decent meal, figuring I would be OK until I got home 5 hours later. So those of you who got the irony and embarassement, thanks!

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that was terribly sweet of him

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Just Because he's homeless doesn't mean hes dirt poor.


OH MY GOD someone did a good deed for you and helped you pay for your lunch, and instead of being grateful you think your life is ******?! haha! wow, just because the man is homeless?! shows how shallow, discriminatory, and ungrateful you are! you deserve to starve you uppity, shameless bitch :)

I say YDI to the OP for using a card to pay for lunch. Carry some money designated for lunch instead of thinking "Ill just swipe my Debit/Credit/whatever other card for lunch"

ya know i totally agree with the person above me... you should be happy that someone was kind enough to give you change, homeless or not.

It was the irony of homeless person giving her change...

They aren't ungrateful, they're embarrassed. So shut up. Jet

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#48 wins for the day...i'd say u deserved it, but u deserved to starve....if its so terrible to have a homeless man pay for your lunch, you should have just said no and gone hungry.

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ha. you suck. i actually thought you were talking about 3lbs of food.

This Woman sounds like the high school girl with a princess complex all grown up. Be thankful. This should be on MLIG.

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OH MY GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS? A generous man offered to help you pay for something, and instead you go on and say how much your life is ****** up? And who the hell do you even know he was homeless?

Yeah - I agree with #48 - that man has next to nothing but is generous enough to give you money for your lunch. I wonder how many times you have walked past a homeless man and given him nothing despite having much more than him? I think this is such a sweet story. I hope you buy him many lunches in the future.

I agree with you, up until the 'shameless bitch' but everything else is pretty much on the money (no pun intended haha)

lol yea totally agree with 69 man god bless that homeless saint :)

maybe instead of fmling this you should try to repay the homeless person somehow? thats a gmh. not an fml.

I agree what a shallow thing to say. A kind generous man offered to help you pay for your lunch. He has next to nothing and thought you would have appreciated it instead of some well of person like you shouldnt go hungry. And here you are complaining that a "homeless" man paid for your lunch. Do you see people at the shelter complaining that a rich snob paid for their lunch ? No. They smiled and said thank you.

agreed # 48. Why cant you be happy that he paid for you? a homeless man to. He couldve spent that money on something useful but no, he paid your lunch. Atleast he was sweet enough to do that. YDI.

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69 don't use double negatives

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Agree with #2, you ate, didn't you? And YDI for not making sure you had enough. "Today, some random guy that I don't even know was generous enough to help me pay for my lunch. FML" Yeah, your life must be a travesty.

I agree with everyone who said tht the op should be thankful and not ashamed blah blah blah.... I say this should be GMH not FML. stupid fucktard with unfucked lifes don't give me hope, homeless ppl who give when they don't get give me hope

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Just Because he's homeless doesn't mean hes dirt poor.

Yeah, cause people just love to live on the street.

To be fair, at some points I have considered what it'd be like to just save up a bunch of money, sell all my stuff, and go homeless for a while, living only off the money I've saved up. The only problem is that I've gotten a bit too emotionally attached to all the stuff I have.

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#7, people do actually chose to be homeless.

Hm maybe. But this one probably was poor, because how else would the OP have known he was homeless?

He could have had a large backpack and not been very well washed due to the fact that he has all his belongings on his back and no house to shower in.

Yeah, there's a guy who donated like $10 million to a public radio station, even though he was homeless.

I agree with 3. Last time I checked, a place to live is more expensive than a lunch. Maybe he can afford lunch (and maybe he's generous enough to help out even when he really couldn't), but can't afford a home. I wish I could meet him. It makes me feel a lot better about people in general knowing that people exist with that kind of generosity.

Up there ^^^ And that makes sense how??? A homeless man donated $10 million... Yeaaa

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#10 wtf who would want to do that? OP you're kinda shallow if you think that way. But you're probably not being serious so I'm not voting FYL or YDI

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I hate how people have to feel so high and might about it. It doesn't matter who gave you change.

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that was terribly sweet of him

Please try to remember his face so you can reward him if you see him again.

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good to see that there's still people like that out there

wait, wait, wait. Pounds? Your location is Norway. Krona, I think, is your currency? If I'm right, then this is a really badly done fake FML.

It's 'krone(r).' And the OP's name is "**** my life" in Norwegian. Enough to prove it.

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Yeah, they use Kroner over there. Either OP doesn't even know what currency she uses or this is fake.

Maybe the OP converted it for us. I would do that. It's a possibility.

Maybe the OP is an exchange student in Norway. I'm living over seas at the moment and still say dollars instead of euro. Or maybe a Norwegian working in the UK, who posted this when they got back. Pretty dumb reason to call fake.

convert the currency to euro or dollar next time.

Yes, its kroner(I still have a 200 bill right on my table after coming back from Norway). A krone is about 1/10 of a GB pound and no one can buy a lunch for 3 NOK neither in Norway, nor anywhere else in Europe, includin UK. But 3 GBP is quite OK price for supermarket lunch in UK (but a bit short for Norway). OP is not so poor as she pretends if she could afford to go to Oslo - one of the most expensive cities in the world :))

I totally agree, you can only use pounds if you're in Britain.

Yeah, Kroner are what we use. I think this guy just translated it because it makes no sense to other countries.