By outsmartedbykids - 28/05/2014 16:28 - United States - Lake Mills

Today, I was at a buffet with my kids and husband. As my boys got up to get more food, I told them they'd better come back with something green on their plate. They both came back with mint ice cream and got a high-five from my husband. FML
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Those kids are going places.

Rosebudx 32

At least you've taught them to listen closely.


Rosebudx 32

At least you've taught them to listen closely.

You should be proud of your kids OP!

I think that's kind of cute rather than bratty. I wouldn't face palm and say fml, I would laugh but just dump the ice cream, lol. But like #said, you should have been specific

Maybe OP shouldn't be such a bitch to her kids.

I agree with 29. They found a suitable loophole. You can't get any more American than that.

America.. Fuck yeah!

Although bad diets are nothing to laugh at, this is still hilarious. Especially your husband's reaction.

Those kids are going places.

Not college, but places.

why not? That was pretty smart.

Why not college? They listened closely, and used critical thinking skills. These kids are brilliant!

I should really rethink my comments more often

Dswank620 18

I believe I see potential future lawyers

ElementaryEdGuy 18

One of those places: the doctor's.

grapefruit_hd 7

#58 I would have said one of those places is the dentist still too funny

Either way they are geniuses

They didn't do anything wrong, you should have been more specific!

Well played...well played

They did as you said. They deserve the ice cream. :)

I like their style, haha My mom wouldn't think it was funny at all or I was being "smart". She would of lectured me because "she knew that I knew what she meant."

I actually pulled this exact same stunt once. My cheek just got flashback tingles from where my grandma backhanded me.

Unfortunately I usually got "something healthy", so I couldn't pull that if I thought of it :(

Thats my boy

You have smart kids! Love it:)

Those kids are awesome