By Anonymous - 13/3/2021 02:01

Time to bail

Today, I spent several hours consoling my crying girlfriend. Why was she crying? She had been told to stop 'leading on' a guy at work who has a crush on her. Worse yet, she has a crush on him, thus the crying. Worse still, this isn't the first time. FML
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By  twitchy117  |  4

dude I literally just spent time to figure out what my log in was just so I could comment. please leave her, she does not value you as a person. you will be better off without that toxic person, keep your head up

  bleachedraven  |  11

love this answer! ❤

  bleachedraven  |  11


By  Regis Bent  |  9

Is this your girlfriend as in significant other, or just a friend who is a girl? If this is a SO then dump her ass, you shouldn't be the shoulder to cry on when it's to do with otheren shes attracted too.

By  donnie1976  |  16

Dump her yesterday! Seriously, you might be smitten with her, but obviously it's not reciprocal. Red flags all over, she's wrapped in them, she waves them under your very nose. Just give her your blessing and be rid of her.

By  SteelGargoyle  |  1

I guess after you start dating someone you automatically stop finding anyone else attractive? I’m not saying that you do anything about it but the law of attraction doesn’t go away just because you pair up with someone else. The fact that she is “leading on” the other guy is the red flag to me, it seems that she enjoys the attention and reciprocates it. Crushes are not a big deal but you keep your mouth shut about it and you definitely don’t encourage the other person.

By  Optimism92  |  5

To me this sounds like your girlfriend is a good one, because she knows your worth so she doesn't leave you even though she has a crush on someone else and it's mutual. She must know her reasons why she stays with you despite these feelings. We can't chose who we fall in love with and (opposed to the unrealistic fairytales society tries to tell us) falling in love with someone else does not mean that we do not love our current partner anymore.
Greetings from a person in a very happy polyamorous relationship.

By  Erin K Cooper  |  3

And you're still with this girl because why?? Leave. For real. She's not able to have a normal relationship and it's not your job to fix that. You're only going to end up hurt and turn into a wreck yourself. And the fact you say it's not the first time. This isn't normal.