By CrushAdrenaline - 27/08/2010 09:46 - Canada

Today, at a restaurant, I was joking around trying to make my friend laugh by pretending to be a ninja. I did this by putting my napkin in front of my face. I happened to look over at another table and saw that a lady wearing a burqa was giving me the most evil glare I have ever seen in my life. FML
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CrushAdrenaline tells us more.

:D My FML actually got posted. Is it bad that I feel proud?

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fail ninja! she wasn't supposed to be able to see you!

But then Steve the Pirate would have been offended. The only safe way to make a joke is to be sensitive to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Now, if you excuse me, I have a slave ship to steer in the docks nearby.


fail ninja! she wasn't supposed to be able to see you!

ydi for being culturally insensitive

But then Steve the Pirate would have been offended. The only safe way to make a joke is to be sensitive to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Now, if you excuse me, I have a slave ship to steer in the docks nearby.

you should've thrown a biscuit at her face and said "STOP STARING BITCH!"

last time I checked, sweetie, ninja wasn't a culture. It's not like OP did it to intentionally hurt the wonam's feelings. Jeez lighten up.

Fuck her. Way to assimilate you ignorant cow.

ninjas themselves are not a culture, but a part of a culture. anyway, why is everyone taking my comment seriously?

Oh & what #20 said too. Bowl of red beans & rice or coleslaw works too.

epic win, tine to show em unassimilated whores to stop showing their faces in public... wait scratch that. Who cares what some hoes walking around commando think? They're not allowed to talk in restaurants anyways.

I am still lmao 10 min later dude. You've made my day. :)

fuck them. they don't want to assimilate to our culture, they can go fuck themselves. we are going to be fighting them soon anyways.

should if ninja kicked her to prove you were being ninja not Muslim

They only cover their faces so you can't see their mustaches.

Actually #22 nindo (way of the ninja) encompasses an entire philosophy on life bases on zen and Taoist concepts commonly held among groups of people (namely ancient Iga and Koga clans), effectively making it a culture. But you're quite a cutie though :-). op, fuck her. she wouldn't be offended if she was minding her business like you were.

its not that the lady isnt assimalited. a burqa is a cultural thing. or a religious thing, i forget which. but assimilating is not giving up thier culture. if some redneck moved to, say iraq, would assimaliting be no longer wearing thier camo and hats and no longer driving pick up trucks? no. it would be accepting that culture and learning its mannerisms. not no longer wearing a symbol of your native culture. you all are either racists or just idiots

I guess it was only a matter of time before some stupid ass pulled the race card. She was an overly sensitive bitch. If she is proud of her towel head thing or whatever then she better learn how to deal with the reactions/ridicule, neither of which was the OP doing.

I am so surprised at all the hate people are throwing at the burqa-wearing lady. And yeah, some people here are being downright racist.

wow seriously? its another persons culture or religion. wth do u have against it? op ur fml was funny lol. but u guys quit bashing ppl for wht they wear cz of their religion. of course thats racism u idiots.

make they shouldn't wear rags on there heads?

Hah, 39 that seriously made me laugh.

i know rednecks in iraq is a bad example. but i couldnt think of anything else.

an really you think there going to make a white person fell at home in a place like Iraq what are you retarted

#60 -- If my religion dictated I run naked through the mall on weekends should I be allowed to do it? And before you say that's a ridiclous example what do you call insisting that women be photographed for their drivers licenses with their bodies entirely but for a 1" gap over their eyes? #42 -- I am not a racist & I resent your implication that I am 1 simply because I do not share your ideas about personal freedoms being imposed on societies as a whole. The fact that I have little tolerance for people who insist on remaining outside mainstream American culture & then expected to be seen as mainstream may be un-PC but it is not racist.

That's hilarious.. the bitch shouldn't have been wearing one. Go back to the middle east where you belong!

#80 my reply was meant for #45 on how he called the woman an insensitive bitch just becz she was glaring at a person bcz she thot she was being made fun of. thats hardly an over reaction.


if I can catch I wil personally send u to the taliban u fukn jew

#88 I didn't say it was an over reaction. My point is that he was not even paying attention to her. That would be like going out in public with a green Mohawk and then getting offended if you get some negative reactions. If you're going to purposefully dress or act different than the cultural norms of where you are living then you don't get the luxury of being pissed off when you draw extra attention from people.

it's a Muslim..... who cares? you should have picked up a butter knife and pretended to be a violent retard. she would have felt right at home!

she was a ninja hunter

YDI it for being seen by somebody... people like you are the reason moguls know about ninjas -.-

English, please!

haha that sucks dude

They're all evil glares what more can you expect from a terrorist.

I'd be creeped out by the lady but still that's funny

#4--Creeped out? Really? You've not experienced enough Arab women that you can't handle seeing 1 in a restaurant?

not all Arab women dress like that. and I'd be creeped out if ANY woman I didn't know was evily staring at me

There's a button for that, fuckstick.

Anyone want to join me on giving "-" on every reply to #1 just so they can be seen? :'3


Ninjas wear black, you silly goose.

If you hear something ticking OP, i suggest that you get outta there very fast!

12, that's uncalled for.

ninja+ restaurant? dude...

best combo ever lmao

That's not even awful, that's just funny.