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Today, I sent my father a text asking when he was finally coming to meet his 4-month-old granddaughter. His response? "I forgot." He forgot he has a granddaughter. FML
Feronia tells us more :
I'm the OP. He is most definitely not suffering from any disease that could impair his memory, and even if he did, his girlfriend could have reminded him. He is suffering from being an immense asshole. He never was much of a father to me, but he bawled like a baby when he got the news about my pregnancy, visited me in the hospital where I was waiting for the last 1.5 months before going into labor and I expected him to become a bit more involved. To the people saying maybe the family is too big: I am his only daughter, this is his first grandchild. He has no nieces, no nephews and no young cousins. So it's impossible to drown in babynews in my family.
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  mellajella  |  14

Umm, not to make any assumptions, but maybe he's beginning to show the early stages of Alzheimer's disease if he forgot his granddaughter who was born recently.

  cameosurgeon  |  16

23, i agree. I was thinking it's more likely that the father forgot that he was supposed to come over to see the child, than that he completely forgot the child even exists.

  Kaygirl2013  |  13

23, I mean I don't know for sure, but I just want to point out that the says that he forgot he had a grandchild. Maybe during the conversation, he said that. No way to know for sure, but you may be right.

  awkwardeer  |  24

More like forgot to be a good father.

  Izabushel  |  65

Visiting is not going to mean much to a 4 month old baby but it's going to mean a heck of a lot to his daughter. So a bad grandpa yes, but a worse father.

  shessohighh  |  10

That's a little extreme for early stages of alzheimers. If it's to the point where he doesn't remember a major life event like a grandchild's birth, I think OP would already know he had it and wouldn't have posted this.

By  abNormal62  |  23

Maybe they aren't as close as people are assuming, either emotionally or geographically

It still hurts but more details are needed to make an informed comment