By lorena_v - 10/11/2017 05:00

Today, I screamed at the top of my lungs in the middle of a math test because I saw a spider that wound up being a hairball. My teacher was incredibly sympathetic, taking off only five points for "disrupting our working environment". FML
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I can understand just screaming, but at the top of your lungs? I wouldn't even do that in my house. I would've been extremely annoyed if you'd done that while I was taking a test. YDI


I sympathize with you, those things look (and ARE) creepy no matter what!!!

I can understand just screaming, but at the top of your lungs? I wouldn't even do that in my house. I would've been extremely annoyed if you'd done that while I was taking a test. YDI

Those students who snuck in late while you were running interference now think you’re an asshole. You just lost four free beers!

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Obviously other commenters don't have arachnophobia... I scream, cry, and have hallucinations when I encounter a spider. I can't even look at photos of them on the internet without hyperventilating. People don't realise that some of us GENUINELY fear them and don't just find them "icky". I sympathise with you OP, and I'm sorry other commenters are jerks.

I do, and I still don't scream unless they quite literally appear directly next to me or ON me. Do I panic? Hell yes, seeing them results in me being so damn terrified that I'm too focused on getting AWAY from the things to scream. And as someone with GAD and likely PTSD, someone screaming out of nowhere would ALSO send me into a full panic attack- which, trying to take a test after a panic attack, and all the fun side effects of the adrenaline that your body floods you with? Not fun, and can completely tank your grade. In addition to the fact OP could very likely have cost all their classmates some points, students have done stuff like this as distractions for their friends to cheat. I had one teacher who completely failed you for interrupting a test, and another at the college I went to was infamous for making the entire class retake the test if someone interrupted it- so OP was lucky that it was just the five points.

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1. They don't have to say they have arachnophobia. That's blatantly obvious. 2. I have diagnosed GAD, asthma and PTSD. Seeing spiders sends me both into a panic attack and asthma attack. Why would my conditions be less valid than yours? Why is your reaction and why would your test be more important than mine? You obviously do not know what extreme arachnophobia is like. Just because you say you have arachnophobia doesn't mean you have it on the same severity as other people. That would be the same as somebody shaming you for your severity of panic attacks because theirs aren't "that bad". It's ridiculous and ableist.

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My arachnophobia is so bad I can't even SEE PHOTOS of spiders. It can send me into a panic attack. **** you guys for ******** on people with ACTUAL phobias because you THINK you know what it's like.

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What's the big deal with spiders? You eat a good amount of them while you're asleep anyways.

You lost point for this? Wtf? Do you also lose points when you have to cough or sneeze?

Screaming suddenly at top of one's lungs in the middle of a silent room during an event where everyone needs to focus is not the same as sneezing or coughing. Particularly since people tend to cover their mouth and/or nose when doing the latter two, which muffles the sound.

It could have been worse--the "spider" could have turned out to be some pubic hairs.

if youre screaming at the top of your lungs I'm guessing you're searching for attention.

Maybe if you were on time, they would’ve been more sympathetic. Js.