Today, I’m in China for work, and for the second time someone told me that I look like Vladimir Putin. FML

By cyrilworms - / Tuesday 26 April 2016 03:15 / China - Guangzhou
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By  aruden  |  25

I've spent some time in China also, you know that misconception "all Asian people look alike" they feel the same way about white Europeans. Don't take it personally.


Today, a nearby volcano erupted for the second time. We were all urged to keep our windows and doors closed in case of ash clouds. My father responded by opening every window and door and shouting, "Come at me, bro!" FML

By vanillatwilight2 - / Wednesday 21 November 2012 04:50 / New Zealand - Auckland

Today, after working a double shift, I got home to total pandemonium. My dogs had crapped all over the house, my kitchen was soaking wet, etc. My mother, who just moved in with me, was sitting on the couch, saying she had no idea what happened. FML

By ArtemisRwill - / Tuesday 14 July 2015 20:16 / United States - San Francisco
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