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By  ihpb09  |  0

#8 - people like george bush and bill clinton? please don't compare those two. they're nothing alike. clinton was an absolute genius in foreign affairs, and bush was a fucking idiot at every single thing.

of course i say that with a tiny degree of exaggeration =D

  Pixeh_fml  |  0

Clinton wasn't a genius about foreign affairs, his cabinet made most of the decisions for him when they could... he wanted to help Bosnia more but his advisors wouldn't let him

then again, his foreign affairs were 10x better handled than bush's, obviously

By  tana123  |  0

#12- Bill Clinton's secretary was foreign?Oh, & I suppose you're alive today because of George Bush' 'idiocy'. Wow, it amazes me how little America knows of politics. George Bush is a great man that kept our country basically safe. Bill Clinton is the reason we are in a crisis because he was lazy & didn't want to do his job.

Sorry about that little rant. Couldn't help it. I'm one of the few teenage girls/ people interested in politics. Anyways, yes. FYL


actually as much as I don't like to admit it, you're right. Clinton made banks give out risky loans to people who couldn't pay them back leading to the recession we have now. glad you stay in top of politics though, not many teenagers reay care about anything immediately outside their own little bubble

  Pixeh_fml  |  0

his affair had nothing to do with any of his politics. it was stupid that he lied about it, but most presidents (and powerful men in general) had affairs, at least up until the age of investigative journalism


I'd like to know HOW Clinton can be at fault for this economic hellhole. Subprime loans are not only to blame. What's to blame is Bush sending us to Iraq. That is what wrecked our economy, not Clinton. And to you people saying Obama is a retard, would you like Sarah Palin as vice president? Yeah, thought so. Not that Obama is stupid, he's trying to clean up the pile of shit that Bush left for him. Love how you people can love Bush when he's ruining our economy, and then the second Obama gets elected say it's his fault.