By anti88 - 01/09/2011 01:55 - United States

Today, I reached the point in my life where Target is the "expensive" store. FML
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It'll get better as long as you don't give up:)

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I'm in college and sometimes target is expensive


It'll get better as long as you don't give up:)

Yep, agreed. I think everyone has a stage where they struggle on what means they have, and if you're fortunate enough to never have to deal with that, then I think you are quite lucky, but you've also missed out on a great life lesson.

Agreed. I don't know if your in mega debt or trying to pay off school or trying to support a family, but whatevers going on, you just gotta pick yourself up, dust yourself off, straighten yourself up and go do something about it. Pick up another job or something. So don't worry, it'll be fine soon enough:)

Ur so poor u eat cereal with a fork to save milk.

You just reached that point? Been there since 94.

@1: I don't know about that. My life is a lot happier since I've given up hope.

If Target is expensive I can't imagine what Wal-Mart would be!!!

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Walmart is wonderful :D Well at least most of the time anyway.

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Try Wal-Mart or Big Lots if you have one of those.

Wally world is getting kinda expensive too...

Print off those coupons. Rollback sales are your friends. American innovation will eventually find a way to get through this situation for you.

Changing the RollBack prices yourself can sure help you save.

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Big lots has regular prices. Not that great, it just all the rejected stuff

Thrift shop for clothes and buy ingredients to make food instead of packaged meals, it's more price effective.

I wouldn't recommend Big Lots. Some of the stuff there are more expensive then other retail prices.

don't worry one day it'll be the cheap one! :)

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Don't worry I reached that part of my life years ago.

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I'm in college and sometimes target is expensive

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mayne, dont worry yu aint alone on that one:)lol

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Let's try using proper English. That's something you're supposed to learn by middle school.

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Something tells me that the term "SoBeR" in your username does not describe your state of being when you typed out this comment...

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so instead of websurfing better find a gud job :p

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You should probably learn how to spell before giving advise to anyone.

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u shud probably realize dis is the internet, not ur mom's failed abortion papers. no1sane gives a hoot abt spellings hea

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42 - agreed, but at a certain point it does get difficult to understand what a person is saying... Also, any chance you're not completely fluent in English? Cuz if so your spelling is justified. (just saying, it Is the World wide web so that's always a possibility...)

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You appatenly need luck finding a "gud" job as well. I would never hire anyone who obviously couldn't pass a kindergarten spelling test.


*apparently* you should probably take your own advice

Hey, as long as Big Lots or the Dollar Tree doesn't classify as the "expensive" store.

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its probably the low point but it will get better from now on

i like to bang target employees in the toy isle so i can get my barbies half off hehehe

You rape retail workers trying to live thru this economy for barbie dolls? Dude, get some therapy.