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Today, Target asked me if I would do the closing announcement. I've only been working there a little while, so excited I agreed. I told people, "The store is now closing, thank you for shopping at Walmart." FML
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DontClickOnMe 28

I bet all the customers were like, "What? Walmart? How did I get here.."

dva976 7

At least the announcement came out great!


dva976 7

At least the announcement came out great!

I work at target there isn't a closing announcement, we want our guest to feel the most comfortable and un interrupted shopping experience that's why there isn't any music playing either,

Because not letting the customers know when the store's closing and having them get locked in is a super comfy shopping experience right?

What!? Walmart!?! I thought I was being fancy this time by shopping at Target!

78: it's not done by a person it's automated, sorry for not being clear, but a person doesn't do it.

Each week, to **** with regular customers and others, keep saying different stores. Like Kmart, Costco, Alan's hardware or something. You'd probably get fired, but you'd be remembered.

nonamericandolla 6

Hey you can't blame him. It's pretty catchy

DeboDaGreat 3

I wonder if he still works there...

Your right #101 it is catchy especially when you have the self check out stations that always say "thank you for shopping at walmart"

At least you said something! Better than saying something in jibberish :)

DontClickOnMe 28

I bet all the customers were like, "What? Walmart? How did I get here.."

JukeboxValkyrie 19

Please, people are so oblivious to where they are. I get customers all the time asking what store they're in.

I'm sure that's exactly what they're like.

cyK0tek 0

What..!? I'm at Walmart now?? I have no memory coming here..!......ALLLOOONNNN!!!!

They probably just put away their Target coupons and take out the Walmart ones, then yell at the cashier who won't accept them.

That is so freakin hilarious, but also horrifically humiliating! Even though it's not the end of the world, I still hope you have your job OP! FYL!

GreenAppleDP 0

It's a common mistake. I welcomed someone to walmart before, I work at PetSmart.

riceicle1 6

My friend was working at Mc.Donalds drive thru, she accidentally said "Welcome to Mc.Dicks".

I work at McDonald's as well and we have an angus burger and we got one of our managers working drive through to say "would you like to try our new anus burger?" she apologized so many times to that customer haha

Haha! I always say McFurry instead of McFlury. Then I feel dumb and hope there aren't any hairs on it.

i use to work at bk and one time it sliped of a co worker saying welcome mcdonalds because a new one had just opened and we laughed it off

LaColombianita 26

I work at McDonald's too and one time I accidentally said have a good nugget to a customer lol.

Working the drive-thru I asked is it for here or to take away?

randomhangul 4

my friend's manager once asked me if I had ordered two hot and spicy Mexicans.... it pretty much made my day.

I too work at McDonald's and I've said to customers in the drive-thru "Welcome to A&W may I take your order?", that's where I worked previously. Also, one of my co-workers once said in drive-thru "Welcome to McHorton's"

I worked at McDonald's and a customer ordered 1 drink I said is that for here or to go? *sigh*

A100893 30

Just a little slip of the tongue. Shake it off and try again tomorrow! :D (If they let you..)

badass243 6

if it really were wal mart they probably wouldnt of even ben able to comprehend those words. or known where the voice came from

#8 What is that supposed to mean? Are you calling people who shop at Walmart dumb?

Billy! It's the voices again! Hurry- hide behind that fat woman... Man?.. Woman? Uhhh.. Only at Wal-Mart

#53 Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize people were judged whether they're smart or stupid for simply shopping at a store to get their necessities. What's next, being called dumb for the car you drive? Jeez, people get more shallow by the day.

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DontClickOnMe 28

I really don't think it's that big of a big deal. Everyone makes mistakes.

FruityLoooons 8

It was a mere mistake; nothing threatening to his job.

I agree because , how do you mix them up, one is red and the other is blue smh!!

Tswift0806 3

If you had done the same thing you would be thinking much differently.

GreenAppleDP 0

9 and 36, have y'all ever made mistakes, or possibly worked in retail? That is no reason to fire someone. Some of my coworkers have had the same job for like 5 years, and I still hear them say Wal-Mart or some other company. My managers just laugh and pick at them.

today, my Doctor told me my Alhimerz was gone. I went to Target to pick up some ice cream right before they closed. Then the guy made an announcement of closing, he said Walmart. I burst out in tears next to Icecream. FML.

JukeboxValkyrie 19

Perhaps next time try writing down something witty to say during the closing announcement and read it? Like..."It was a great day picking up after your mess but Target must close to clean up after your rotten kids and your laziness, please come see us tomorrow at 8 am so we can start the cycle again. Enjoy your night."

66- wtf are trying to show in that picture of yours? Has that arm been up a horse's ass?