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Today, Target asked me if I would do the closing announcement. I've only been working there a little while, so excited I agreed. I told people, "The store is now closing, thank you for shopping at Walmart." FML
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  CareFace  |  16

Re-read the FML.

  alpaquette91  |  9

I work at target there isn't a closing announcement, we want our guest to feel the most comfortable and un interrupted shopping experience that's why there isn't any music playing either,


Each week, to fuck with regular customers and others, keep saying different stores. Like Kmart, Costco, Alan's hardware or something. You'd probably get fired, but you'd be remembered.

By  TorturedXeno  |  27

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  TorturedXeno  |  27

Yep. Definitely.

  ItsPersonal  |  6

I work at McDonald's as well and we have an angus burger and we got one of our managers working drive through to say "would you like to try our new anus burger?" she apologized so many times to that customer haha

  kyarachan  |  2

I too work at McDonald's and I've said to customers in the drive-thru "Welcome to A&W may I take your order?", that's where I worked previously.
Also, one of my co-workers once said in drive-thru "Welcome to McHorton's"

  immaMonsta  |  8

#53 Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize people were judged whether they're smart or stupid for simply shopping at a store to get their necessities. What's next, being called dumb for the car you drive? Jeez, people get more shallow by the day.

  GreenAppleDP  |  0

9 and 36, have y'all ever made mistakes, or possibly worked in retail? That is no reason to fire someone. Some of my coworkers have had the same job for like 5 years, and I still hear them say Wal-Mart or some other company. My managers just laugh and pick at them.

By  xxXJakeXxx  |  2

today, my Doctor told me my Alhimerz was gone. I went to Target to pick up some ice cream right before they closed. Then the guy made an announcement of closing, he said Walmart. I burst out in tears next to Icecream. FML.