By Anonymous - 03/05/2009 11:06 - United States

Today, I noticed that someone smeared "wash me" into the grime of my car. I decided to take it to get a wash. I pulled up, put my vehicle in neutral, and kicked back as it slowly started to move. You never realize how long it takes a sun roof to close until water is dumping on your head. FML
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chasing_adalia 0

If you forgot to close your sun roof, you definitely deserve it.

Haha, should've thought about that before.


boomBOOMshake 0

YDI. Plus who gets their car washed? I mean seriously. Just kidding

shnoyks 0

Hey! There was another FML a little while ago saying they wrote wash me in someone's dirt on their car!!!

Shut up. No there wasn't. Why would that even be an FML.

I believe this might be a follow up to THIS FML : Nevertheless, that's probably the first thing you need to check when going into a car-wash (check if all your windows/doors/etc. are closed.) So you deserved it.

Omg! :D! The person who wrote it on your car

I'm always so afraid that this will happen to me in the summer, because I ALWAYS have the sun roof open in my car and sometimes I forget to close it when I leave the car. During the fall and winter I lock my windows so that I don't accidentally rest my hand on a button and have it open on me in the car wash. It could have happened to anyone.

Jertastic 0

Who cares! Free shower! A homeless guy would kill for that.

jennaleighhh 0

In my county we're not allowed to ride in the car for the car wash. I guess for reasons like this. Good job buddy ;) at least you were as squeaky clean as your car!

Get_Naykid 0

Lol. You got raped

Spiffy 0

And you didn't think to close your sunroof before you got your car washed because..................?