By anonymous - 07/06/2009 06:18 - Korea Republic of

Today, I met a hot guy at the club. We danced and had a really good time, so I invited him home with me for the night. The next morning, I awoke to the sound of what I thought to be running water. I looked up to find him, naked and pissing into my air conditioner unit. FML
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YDI for bringing random people into your apartment, skank.


ummm what!!! u had sex sooooooooo waking up to that compared to some other FMLs makes it a good thing...Right?

Those crazy Koreans and their air conditioning toilets.

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hahahaha wtf!

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I don't understand how people can take some random "hot guy" home and expect something like this NOT to happen. -.-

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I kinda gotta agree...xD that's f****in hilarious

Nah, just soju.

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Umm, this is strange. What would you do in that situation, and in your air conditioner unit? How the hell...

YDI for bringing random people into your apartment, skank.

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I know wtf

ew that's so unattractive of him .

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hope you got his number! :D oh and i agree with #6.

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Slut! You got what you deserved! Jezebel!!!