By anonymous - 07/06/2009 06:18 - Korea Republic of

Today, I met a hot guy at the club. We danced and had a really good time, so I invited him home with me for the night. The next morning, I awoke to the sound of what I thought to be running water. I looked up to find him, naked and pissing into my air conditioner unit. FML
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YDI for bringing random people into your apartment, skank.


ummm what!!! u had sex sooooooooo waking up to that compared to some other FMLs makes it a good thing...Right?

Those crazy Koreans and their air conditioning toilets.

I don't understand how people can take some random "hot guy" home and expect something like this NOT to happen. -.-

I kinda gotta agree...xD that's f****in hilarious

Nah, just soju.

Umm, this is strange. What would you do in that situation, and in your air conditioner unit? How the hell...

YDI for bringing random people into your apartment, skank.

ew that's so unattractive of him .

hope you got his number! :D oh and i agree with #6.

Slut! You got what you deserved! Jezebel!!!