By lolateverything - 17/07/2014 04:25 - United States - Paramus

Today, I had to drop off my library book. I thought I'd dropped in into the library book drop, but I'd accidentally put it in the post office mail box. To get the book back, I had to explain this incident five times to three librarians, a mailman, and my sister who called me ridiculous. FML
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lolateverything tells us more.

Hahaha I'm the OP. The comments are hilarious! :) The post office mailbox and the library book drop aren't right next to each other. They are near each other, but far away enough to easily distinguish which one is which. One is blue and the other is grey, so my mistake is even more pathetic LOL.

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It really seems none of you were on the same page.

Guess you really... dropped the book on this one


Confusion and accidents happen. Don't take it too hard. :)

Yeah OP. Accidents do happen. As long as you got your book back though, it's all good!

Reading is FUNdamental! It sounds like you got more out of this book than you imagined you would.

yeah as long as you got your book back you are good. I hope you enjoyed the book at least. :)

#16, leave out the first sentence and you have a good comment.

Guess you really... dropped the book on this one

Atleast it all worked out in the end

Darn, Danny Boy, there just was no way to comment on the original post.

It really seems none of you were on the same page.

None of them were really thinking outside of the mail box either.

At least POSTing it in fml might have given OP a chance to Shelf the frustration.

Confusion and accidents happen all the time. Don't take it too hard. :)

Next time save yourself the problem by making sure twice

Or maybe people aren't perfect. Darn, I guess we can't be like you. Wait, we don't want to be.

Well they do look similar, but maybe next time put those reading skills to use and read the box OP

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I've done it too. The mail drop and the book drop are on opposite sides of an entryway and are identical gates. Mistakes happen!

At my local library, they're right next to each other. They've had to resort to giant, colorful signs to make sure mixups don't happen. I makes me wonder who designed it like that...

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I did that with redbox & netflix

Was the book worth all the hassle at least?

Wow that's pretty ratchet

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not even a little. I forgot kids still say "ratchet"

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your face is ratchet