By sirphilmckraken - United Kingdom - London
Today, I let my coworker use my PC during lunch, because his was having problems. A few hours later, my boss called me into his office and gave me hell for apparently looking at furry porn during lunch break. He won't believe my explanation. For fuck's sake, Dave. FML
sirphilmckraken tells us more :
OP here! I have yet to find a good way to get the tosser back for this so all suggestions welcome, ideally ones that my boss will not give me more shit for. Thats all I need on top of this! FYI, I did have a go at him but he shrugged it off and denied it. For fuck's sake Dave.
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By  rien151  |  19

Plug a wireless mouse into the back of his computer. jostle it occasionally so he thinks his mouse is on the Fritz. Slowly add pennies to his desk phone every night till it's really heavy then take them all out and watch him hit himself in the face. shift everything in his office/cubicle to the left a few inches and watch him go nuts trying to figure out what's wrong. Crush up melatonin into his coffee so instead of getting a caffeine jump his body tries to put him to sleep. (melatonin is a natural body produced sleep aid you can buy at any Walgreens)

  Doberman101  |  29

There should be cameras everywhere. If it's that big a deal that he won't believe you, just tell him to look at the camera footage. I hope you gets things worked out OP.

  vividpictures  |  17

I don't think your trust has anything to do with it Op. I'm guessing it's your co-workers inability to not watch "Furry porn" on a PC specifically for work.

By  barakados  |  11

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