By Michael - 13/06/2009 10:35 - United States

Today, I introduced my ex-wife to my new girlfriend. They got along so well that my new girlfriend is going to my ex-wife's house tonight "just to hang out". FML
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popemichael tells us more.

Michael here... I had to introduce the new girlfriend to the exwife when I picked up my kid. My exwife didn't want my son spending the weekend with me and her if she didn't meet her. They did end up sharing things about me. However they claim that if I think that's all they talked about that I'm really conceded. I think I'm more paranoid than conceded, though.

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conceded = conceited?

19990231 29

200, Wouldn't it be a grammar nazi? He did spell the work correctly, he just misused the word.


Wow...YDI Did you learn nothing from your first marriage??

OP, by any chance would you happen to be Ross Geller?

173-Friends reference. WIN. :)

y did you introduce them you chode she is your EX wife

you are SUPER hot.

cayytee 0

well it makes sense since you like the company of both women they are probably similar.

YDI, dunno why, but you definitely deserve it. first!

ZiggyMorrison 0

There going to make sweet passionate lesbian love you better stop them!!!

Rawr100 0

or record it

swiperluck 0

dude... get in between. Get off the computer, this could be awesome night for you

#4 Lol agreed! Threesome time. who doesn't want to be there?

YAYUH!!! giggity giggity

manunited93 0

YDI for having an ex wife.

You. Shut up.

Epickitty58 29

I'm sorry, this is just a really stupid comment. Half of all people who got married in the US have an ex-wife or ex-husband. Don't act like a ******* moron on the Internet. Or in public. Or ever. People will point out your stupidity. It's what we do best. we enjoy it.

Oh, they're gonna share all their dirty little secrets they have about you, make fruit smoothies, paint each other's nails, and then have passionate girl-on-girl sex. You don't want to be there for that...

Don't forget the pillow fight! ;o

Why did you introduce your "new" girlfriend to your ex wife so soon? YDI. NEVER intro an ex to a current...thats just retarded YDI