By kalisa anteater - 09/06/2013 20:49 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I had to explain to my mother that a lace mini-dress with an obscene amount of cleavage was not appropriate to wear while meeting my boyfriend's parents. She called me an "annoying prude" and said that with my attitude, I don't deserve to have a man. FML
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michaelm1290 23

* cue a slew of MILF and Stacy's mom comments

Pull the parents aside and tell them she's been off her meds for a while and to not take her seriously.


Talk to him and uninvite her, it isn't harsh, it is not going to help neither you nor her by going through with this.

jer_36 10

you should call her an "annoying old slut." That should send the message.

CheeseTron 15

Hmmm... Sounds like your mom is fucking stupid.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Hey now, mommas' gotta look sexy too. She just happened to pick the wrong occasion to strut her stuff.

RedPillSucks 31

@25 Momma is fucking someone. Stupid might be too high class.

IliekLoki 7

omg... "annoying old slut" I laughed too long at this :) haha

michaelm1290 23

* cue a slew of MILF and Stacy's mom comments

Hottie mum , all good, !!!

Pwn17 25

Yeah, why not let mommy arouse your boyfriend?

This doesn't necessarily mean she's hot mind. She could be one of these mums that want to look young all the time so she dresses young!

Lost_Ghost 8

We got a MILF!!!

You have a MILF? Well, can you give her my num-....

Pwn17 25

MILF is a really overused joke/concept....

No, #33. Breathing. Now THAT'S an overused concept.

Pwn17 25

Sorry, but I made similar joke to 13 before noticing he made the same joke, so I panicked and quickly edited it to the first thing that came to mind.

It could be good for getting on the dad's side.

"parents".. I don't think her boyfriends mum would appreciate that too much..... Or her boyfriends double-daddy, I don't judge.

Anyone think it's quite funny, OP has a boyfriend but is a prude, and her mum doesn't and she dresses like that??

I just read what I said... I don't understand what I was saying. :/

perdix 29

You want him to see what he'll be getting in about 25 years. If she looks hot in that get-up, let her go for it.

Pull the parents aside and tell them she's been off her meds for a while and to not take her seriously.

Until she realizes that her boyfriend's dad has an awkward erection.

Nah that is so harsh. She is your mum. The lace dress possibly isn't appropriate but no need to make something up about meds.

I'm sorry your mom is a slut.

I'm sorry you judge people on their clothing.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Your comment is completely ridiculous. So because OP's mom throws on a revealing outfit, it means she goes around handing her body out to any takers? Yes, wasn't the time or place for such an outfit but damn..she's a slut because of it?

\ 28

In today's world, your mom actually has a point. You're still right though...

That was a complete contradiction. What?

jer_36 10

He means that as a society we have reached the point where morality is out the window and when others try to say something about it theres a quick out cry about "slut shaming"

monnanon 13

slut walks are a protest against the "she deserved it because of the way she dresses" rapw defense not as an outcry against morality.

threer 30

'She' You're a fucking twat.. You mean 'They' or 'He/she', RIGHT?