By kalisa anteater - / Sunday 9 June 2013 20:49 / New Zealand - Auckland
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  Pwn17  |  25

Sorry, but I made similar joke to 13 before noticing he made the same joke, so I panicked and quickly edited it to the first thing that came to mind.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Your comment is completely ridiculous. So because OP's mom throws on a revealing outfit, it means she goes around handing her body out to any takers? Yes, wasn't the time or place for such an outfit but damn..she's a slut because of it?

By  \  |  28

In today's world, your mom actually has a point. You're still right though...

  jer_36  |  10

He means that as a society we have reached the point where morality is out the window and when others try to say something about it theres a quick out cry about "slut shaming"

  threer  |  30

'She' You're a fucking twat.. You mean 'They' or 'He/she', RIGHT?