By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Middlewich
Today, I was talking to my friend, who was telling me he's having suicidal thoughts lately. He then said he'd be back in a few minutes. Nearly an hour passed. I panicked, thinking he'd offed himself. Several minutes after I called the emergency services, he messaged me, saying "K, back." FML
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  Murilirum  |  23

Imagine the reverse end, if the friend DID commit suicide and created a breadcrumb trail for it, yet you did nothing about it, just consider that for a second.

  AnnaDeWitt  |  27

The only thing is OP should have told someone before it got to this point. Though it may seem you're breaching their trust, if someone confides to you that they've been having suicidal thoughts then you should notify someone who can help. It's the result of mental illness that may only get worse and therefore needs to be treated.

  JKPwnage  |  25

FML devs please let us undo votes, or at least put the buttons side-by-side and not one on top of the other so it's harder to miss! Also try and make it so that the accounts that always put YDI can't vote