By ballplaya52 - United States
Today, I learned that when your mom threatens to embarrass you by singing in public, the wrong response is, "Yeah? I dare you." FML
ballplaya52 tells us more :
Hey all! OP here. I just a wanted to clear a few things up. I know the wording may have been confusing and given you all the wrong image. When I said that she'd embarrass me by singing in public, I literally meant singing. To me. About me. In public. Loudly. Like not even a real song. But when I read over it when it got published, it sounded to me like people could interpret it like she would sing karaoke or something. Anyways it only lasted a minute or so so it wasn't that bad, but we did get some stares. And for those comments saying to live a little, I don't sing or dance in public as a personal rule because I'm not any good at either. Anyways thanks to the moderators for publishing this and I will see you guys around on this awesome website :)
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  Sports_guy3  |  28

^^^Trying to add to my comment above, but I ran out of time. OP's too full of themself. Only dare a friend. Going through all what that she did to have you grow up this way is hell for your mother. Of course she'd do it. She'll just put the blame on you instead of herself.

  SammyS2012  |  21

right? whats an FML about this? my mom and i sing together when we're out. some people stare, some smile, others dont care. we are having fun so we dont care what people think