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Today, I got married. It was a beautiful ceremony with all of our family and friends. Too bad it ended with us leaving the reception before dancing even started, since my groom couldn't stop bawling his eyes out from all the stress. FML
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OP here! Just to clarify, I was very understanding of his stress. We both actually suffer from anxiety so it was a hard day in general. This was going to be his first night moved out from his parents though and change is always hard. Once we woke up the next morning I showed him we got published and we were both excited! haha no hard feelings on either side:) The honeymoon has been great. It's so nice to get away from everyone:) Thank you for all the kind wishes! We are both so excited to be married to each other as best friends.

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I cried when my girlfriend said "I love you", so I'd imagine I'd probably cry at my wedding too. It's not okay to cancel the whole thing though.

Maybe it'll get better when the honeymoon comes around ;) Congratulations by the way!


Maybe it'll get better when the honeymoon comes around ;) Congratulations by the way!

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The reception is supposed to be the fun part, not the stressful part! Sure the honeymoon should be fantastic but I know every married couple I've known has been just so relieved at the reception.

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I cried when my girlfriend said "I love you", so I'd imagine I'd probably cry at my wedding too. It's not okay to cancel the whole thing though.

Guysssss please stop perpetuating this idea that men aren't sensitive. They're human, therefore sensitive. I know you all mean well calling him sweet and adorable but those sentiments aren't necessarily appropriate. So he cried. Humans cry. He showed emotion we (society) has long told boys they shouldn't feel, let alone show. We need to teach our boys that showing emotion is normal, natural.. Not something we're going to call cute like a we would a puppy.

They are affirming his response not making a statement about him being sensitive or not or being a human with feelings. They are connecting with his story and appreciating it and him. I don't see how this is devaluing what he has said or stereotyping him or saying he doesn't have feelings. Women respond to other women in the same way they did to this guy.

My cousin cried when his wife walked down the aisle. It was beautiful :)

NO HONEY THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE PERFECT DAY! uncle Fred came in crocs and I'm not even gonna start on what you're wearing!

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The "supposed to be the perfect day" BS is what causes the stress and ruins weddings. I've been married twice, and planned weddings for 6 friends. the secret to a great wedding is to remember that it is just a party. It's a celebration of your relationship and commitment to each other, but at the end of the day, it's just a party. I don't understand people who spend $30,000 or $40,000 on a party, and spend a year planning and putting pressure on themselves to make it 'the perfect day.' My last wedding was Hawaiian themed and held at a local park. We fed 115 guests a tri-tip buffet, had a live band, and our 'wedding cake' was 6 triple decker chocolate cheesecakes. It took less than a month to plan, was completely stress free, and cost us less than $1,400. Every single person who attended said that it was the best wedding they'd ever been to. You don't need to put stress on yourself in order to have a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

34 not everyone is the same as you and want something simple. Your wedding sounded great for you. Some people are happy with elaborate weddings that they get to plan and fuss over. That doesn't make either of you wrong, just different.

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#65 - We went to a butcher, bought 120 pounds of tri-tip primals for just under $3 per pound, and cut the primals down into roast size ourselves. One of my good friends is a master of slow cooked BBQ and we had him cook them for us as his wedding gift to us. We got rolls, chips, potato salad, sodas, and the other sides stuff at Costco. When all was said and done, the food cost us about $700. The band was a professional classic rock band and one of my groomsmen was their lead guitar player. We paid them $250 to play for us. Her dress was a beautiful white-on-white Hawaiian print sun dress that we paid $50 for. My outfit was a linen suit and grey on white Hawaiian print shirt. My outfit cost us $100. The cost to reserve the park for the day was $100, and we spent about $150 on decorations, disposable serving platters, paper plates, and other necessities. My business partner officiated the ceremony, and we had 8 of the guests bring digital cameras to take pictures of everything. It was an amazing party, and we all had an incredible time. No stress, no hassle, no pressure, no problems. We did the legal paperwork at the courthouse that morning and then went to the park for the wedding ceremony. Instead of paying $20,000 for the wedding, I was able to use that money to put a down payment on our house.

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#42 - I know not everyone is the same and a lot of people want the fancy wedding. I am just saying I don't understand it. Whether it is an extravagant affair or a simple wedding at a park, it still boils down to a big party. Most people put so much pressure on themselves trying to have the perfect day that they aren't able to actually enjoy the party that they are paying so much money to throw...

I'm sorry :( he was probably really nervous and I know when I get nervous, there are times I practically break down. I'm sure he didn't mean it, and he'll make it up to you in someway.

I'm very sorry to hear that. A wedding day is supposed to be special and hold good memories.

I am so sorry for... your husband. Good luck for the coming years.

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I understand that it's awful for you, but also think about how it must be for him! He was already stressed as hell, and then he must've felt really bad.

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I'll be the would have been happy with a really small wedding.

That stinks:( but I hope you guys have a great stress-free honeymoon planned. You definitely deserve it:)

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Whoever paid for the reception is the one who should be crying.

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9 anybody can cry at a wedding. Both bride and groom will cry from happiness or in this case happiness coupled with stress. A wedding has so much going on and it is already very emotional so lots of responses are normal.

That's rough:( hope it turns out better!