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By nerdychick - 16/02/2011 01:34 - United States

Today, I printed out a picture of the popular girl in school as a sort of 'model' for how I wanted my hair cut. The hairdresser taped the picture to the mirror so he could see. Halfway through, my 'model' came in for an appointment. FML
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Was it of Gretchen Wieners? If it was, you don't have anything to worry about. I'm sure she's aware of the fact that people are jealous of her, but she can't help the fact that she's so popular...


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OP is a level 5 loser. and everyone would of known she copied te haircut.

true. well, dont you think level 5 is a little too nice? id say level 7. with a stalker bonus for printing out the girls picture, and then bringing it to the salon to copy her hair. how much you wanna bet she copies her style too?

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c'mon.. she just liked her hair! personally, I think she's smart! I'm never satisfied with my haircuts and have always wanted to do something like that.. but could never think to just go ahead and do that

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Oh no she wants the same haircut! While were at it we should probably cut off every persons hair who has ever had it shaved, curled, straightened, layered, etc. because someone might try to copy them..oh wait.

I'm guessing this is your fml miss? no one would defend this person unless it was their own situation, or you have gone through the same thing. and, if you have, fyl for being this sad.

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it's not her fml, look at the usernames they're different.

it's very easy to change a username. I can submit a fml with a random username and comment on said fml with my current username. only an idiot would think you couldn't do such a feat.

nah I'm good. it's fun to piss people like you off.

I thumbed her up just because her name is I the only one who laughed really hard at that?

If she went there to get her hair done, why does that guy need a picture? Just ask for the person that did her.

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Because most hairdressers do not remember every single person that comes in for a haircut.

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Maybe, just maybe, OP didn't know that her model goes to that hair salon.

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3 is that a fake tattoo on your arm lol

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haha I know what his next fml is lol... got beat up today:/ haha

lmao my dude.... you think ur the shit witta fake ass candy cigarette in your mouth with a 50 cent tattoo on from one of those fake red machines lmaooooooo little virgin

I remember when I brought pictures of my friend's to my barber...

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what's the saying?? imatation is the best form of flattery? something that like....

I agree. imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

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When I get my hair cut, I just ask them to cut it even. Apparently that's still too much to ask the majority of the time.

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yeah sometimes I feel like I can cut my hair better...

Was it of Gretchen Wieners? If it was, you don't have anything to worry about. I'm sure she's aware of the fact that people are jealous of her, but she can't help the fact that she's so popular...

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What is fetch? Stop trying to make it happen!!

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"Karen you can't just ask people why they're white." XD

well she will either be flattered or think you're a stalker, I'm gonna go with door number 2

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I think you've gone with door number two too much

I'm a door #1 fan but thanks for playing you don't win a prize

why are you trying to be somebody else, get some self-confidence and decide things for yourself

#11 She's not trying to be someone else, she obviously just thought the haircut was cute and wanted something similar. Hairdressers really prefer that you bring in some pictures of what you want, as describing it can sometimes lead to a botched haircut. Saying something like "I want layers" can be pretty widely interpreted.

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she just likes her hairstyle. I've seen actresses and thought 'i love her hairstyle'. just because I want my hair cut like somebody else doesn't mean I'm trying to be like them. I simply like their hair. come on now... think about how many people have the same hairstyle.

yeah the fact that her reference is "the most popular girl at school" is a pretty good indication that she wants to be more popular herself and is somewhat insecure otherwise she wouldnt bother to mention it. Hence my saying instead of trying to immitate someone cool in order to become cool yourself, just be yourself, people will like you for who you are

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he quoted "girl" dumbass it is singular..

ahahah you ****** up on your own shit 46 they did read it properly however you nitpicked incorrectly which makes you a fail!