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By  aiezaiza  |  0

For those saying she can still get pregnant whilst on her period, I think she was saying that she didn't want sex due to being on her period, not that menstruating prevents pregnancy. Also, if she doesn't want to have sex at this time of the month, that's her decision, sheesh.

And your boyfriend sounds like a bit of an arse. :(

  mojomojo_fml  |  5

Sounds like she doesn't give BJs and is no fun to be around for anything except bonin'. F his life, if he ever gets her pregnant.

  mister_moops  |  0

okay, um, first of all, blink182rocks was fucking joking. idiots. he's mocking #25.

and #63, what the fuck does that matter? you can get pregnant anyway. i don't understand where you're going with your little fact.

  Josh129  |  0

#82 is the reason why the nazis were so succeful in episode attack of the clones, but george lucas informed me that since assholes like you get to live, americas sweetheart ryan seacrest is going to die. So thanks # 82, thanks for giving america AID's you evil fuck. You no jum de frum to fucking deglo ever have kids.... I will eat them all.

  elara15  |  0

I'm glad somebody said it. Even with "natural family planning," there's always the risk of pregnancy because your body may ovulate without regard to cervical mucus or body temperature, especially if you're young (even if you're not irregular).

You should be secretly grateful to your immature boyfriend that his laziness and ignorance actually saved you from yours.

In the future, don't tell him, just use a washcloth beforehand.

  sjx  |  0

She wasn't saying "no need for a condom because I'm on my period". I believe the OP was saying "no need, we won't be having sex because I'm on my period".

  Emrysa  |  1

Sure if you're speed racer. Its not like she's going to stop bleeding because she used a wash cloth to clean up. If her boyfriend is cool having sex with her while she's on her period awesome, but it's disrespectful to not say anything.

  Heazie  |  0

I'm pretty sure she meant that she was not going to be having sex, not that they didn't need condoms because she wasn't going to get pregnant...

  hookay  |  0

Are you people honestly that dumb. She said no need for condoms because she doesn't want to have sex while she is on her period. It really wasn't that hard to understand.

  nataliebear  |  0

idiot. sperm can live for a few days in a moist environment, therefore once she starts ovulating again which could be right after her period ends, she can get pregnant. DUMB ASS.

anyways.. OP, you should dump his sorry ass. he's not worth your time. you can do better, i'm sure. my boyfriend would never do that. when he calls to ask me to come over and if i'm on my period, he still tells me to come over anyway because he wants to see me. so not all guys are asshole. good luck with your search for a new boyfriend.

  purple_nugget  |  0

i dont get what this generation has come too.
everyone is sleeping with their boyfriends and stuff
people just dont know how to do it the old fashioned way..
wait till there married..
and all you assh*les that are gunna reply to this go f*ck off

  crazyaces89  |  7

yeah i mean can he like not wait like up to another week to get some action...sounds like he is just in it for a good time...doesnt seem like a quality guy but thats just me

  kelbabyy22  |  0

omg what a complete douche bag !! i would have dumped his ass right there and walked home. i hhhaaattteee guys like that. seriously get overyourself he probably wasnt that good in bed anyways.

  Draq  |  1

THANK YOU. Everyone seems to think the OPs here are as dumb as they can be.It's entirely possible she wasn't interested in giving out red wings.


Meh, how old are you?
Not everyone follows the "no sex until marriage" deal. Humans are sexual creatures, can't blame them. At least he was going to be safe and use a condom.

To the OP: D:< How rude of him. Jesus.

  BuhxritNAYY  |  5

357: thts a little rude. I'm sure she loves him and was hoping to spend time with him whether she had her period or not. ad for you 372, you sound like a girl who doesn't care much about her boyfriend. yea there isn't a need to have sex but staying the night can be fun otherwise. and for all other assholes, not all girls get pissy on their periods. all I get is tired and my boyfriend comforts me just fine.

  n_epic_fail  |  14

I'm a girl and I c where the boyfriend is coming from. putting aside this pregnancy thing u people seem hell bent on discussing, who wants to have period sex? or handle a girl who's on her period? yea he's being insensitive, but now u can spend the night for-filling your cravings. lol

  kdarkwood  |  15

There is no law that says a woman has to do ANYTHING to please a man. Surely he can spend a night with his significant other without expecting sex? Otherwise, I'd have to say he's extremely immature. Or an asswipe.

  bittersweets  |  2

lol @#28
how do you imagine a woman's period? lots and lots of blood running out of her? actually it's not that much. and i've never seen a dick covered in blood although i've had sex during my period. it's hardly noticeable and no big deal.

  kingston52  |  0

because its fucking nasty
plus it increases the risk of stds

and to whoever wrote the story, your a retard for thinking that you dont need a condom on your period, thats prob when youd need it most,

  diet_otaku  |  0

106 - i'm a WOMAN, for starters, and i have had sex on my period before, and it so happened that my bf's dick WAS covered in blood, which is why we never did that again.

all of which is irrelevant to the fact that OP's bf turned around and took her home simply because she wasn't going to have sex with him. what a dickhead.

  Puolukka  |  4

Not necessarily it depends on the woman...when I have sex while on my period I actually almost completely stop bleeding as soon as I start getting wet and while having sex and it IS hardly noticeable in my case...

They could have at least tried once or did it in the shower or whatever :p

  omgznoes  |  0

@194 - 106's girlfriend / previous partner may have had a really light flow, / being near the end of her period. you may have a really heavy flow (hence why tampons and pad's come in different shapes and sizes and what have you - i assume - i'm a dude it's an educated guess) or you may have just came on or whatever, point is, the guy was just trying to clear an urban legend up. i haven't got my red wings, never thought i would but now if the mrs demands it i'll give it some thought as long as she's near the end

near the end and your fine i guess yeah?

  xNephilim  |  18

I had sex with my boyfriend when I JUST started my period and very close to the end of it... No blood whatsoever and it actually felt better than usually.


YDI for having a face~! BAM. Okay, not really, but I think that's about how stupid YOUR comment was. Did you read the entire post? He "turned around and took her home". It wasn't that they were going to have unprotected sex, but that because she was... you know what. I'm not even typing it out. If you're too much of an idiot, I have no empathy.

OP: I would say it's probably safe to assume that oral sex has never been a part of the picture? If he overreacts like this and takes you home because PVI wasn't part of the uh, 'evening festivities', you two need to have a serious talk.

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Wow. As another commenter said, time to earn his red wings. Or at least man up.

And I think she meant she wasn't going to have sex with him, not that she wasn't going to get pregnant.