By musicgod123 / Tuesday 29 December 2010 16:56 / France
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  eMo_gurll200  |  0

You're the IDIOT you can't even spell it right. Oh the irony. And besides this says that it was from Nord-Pas-de-Calais. So save your horrible spelling for someone who cares. And if you're posting an FML from a cell phone or iPod it will default it to France if it cannot detect a location.

  fuckmrsoftee  |  0

whoa you look like a cerial killer, i would get that face checked out if i were you. i've always been against plastic surgery but now i know for some people it's more of a necessity...do they even let you out in public without supervision? you're a joke and your life's a mistake. if i were you i would have killed myself years ago. your face encompasses the entire concept of an fml, go fuck yourself

  Vanni  |  0

That location is FML's default. So if someone submits with a phone or anything where we can't detect their location, that's what it uses.

  skatagurl  |  0

are you an idiot though? i think we'll go with yes, dumbass. stop being so judgmental. so what? its the freaking default. just feel bad for the OP for making an expensive mistake, hes only human. you're sure as hell not perfect, you're a douchebag. cut the guy a break then go and make some friends.

  boatkicker  |  4

It automatically says France when it cant figure out where you're actually posting from, because the website is based there. He probably posted it from an iphone or something


I had the unfortunate pleasure of searching through Madison Wisconsin to pick up a girl to give her a ride to pitsburg for a wedding that had no clue where she had been living for the past 3 months. I actually had to say to her, " Is there a peice of mail anywear in your house for you or your roomate..... READ THAT ADDRESS AND TELL ME WHAT IT IS!" She was a little flighty.

for #7

By  missmousilini7  |  0

wow, this has fake written all over it. u say u had it shipped to cali, when u live in maine. first off how do you fuck that up? secondly, it says you live in France, my suggestion? dont try to get people to feel sorry for you cuz u make a complete idiot out of urself

  eMo_gurll200  |  0

Hun, you're the idiot. AS MANY PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY SAID, FML defaults the location to France if they can't find the location because it is a French website. Would you rather people assume you're a moron by not saying anything or prove it by speaking?

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