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By  Gofuckyourself  |  24

Should have been a bit more careful... that's how accidents happen.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Oh, everything can be fixed, for a price. When you see what it's going to cost, the woofer will make you howl and yelp!

Or you could install the system as-is and stick it to Meghan Trainor and be "All about da treble -- no bass!" Screw her for body-shaming fit girls!

By  geniusness  |  6

Where I come from if your best friend is buying you something that expensive - your best friend is trying to bang you. Just a heads up in case there's a comrade in the friend's zone that needs rescuing.

By  123_omg  |  19

OP here...
The sub is fine. It is now sitting where I can reach it, on non-skid material. Thanks to hot glue, everything is fine, minus some cosmetic damage.

And no, my best friend isn't trying to bang me, and it's rude to jump to conclusions. Said friend got an equally expensive gift from me. We knew about our gifts to each other in advance. Christmas gifts. That's all.