By IamHM - United States - Albuquerque
Today, I found my diamond earring, which had gone missing. The vet had to surgically remove it from my dog. Despite having made the voyage through the dog's digestive tract, the earring is more expensive than ever. FML
IamHM tells us more :
Bingo! He's a black lab. And apparently likes shiny things.
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That's what I was thinking too. If the earring had already made it through the dogs digestive track then the dog should have been able to pass it naturally in a matter of time. Just keep checking the poops and OP would have gotten it back without wasting money on surgery.

  immaloser95  |  28

Did you just reply to yourself? Lol. I feel like letting the dog poop it out wasn't going to work. Earrings are sharp, and could have easily gotten stuck in the digestive track.

  derangedplanet  |  23

do you have any idea how dangerous that is? would you like to chit out a pin? I really doubt it. and that's more or less what an earring is. add in the fact that it's got all those little prongs to hold the diamond in that are so great at catching sheer fabric I can only imagine what they'd if they caught on to internal flesh

By  PandaSmile  |  24

Out of curiosity what's the earring like? I've heard that after going through animals jewellery is often cleaner than ever. I hope your dog feels better soon and stops having no such expensive tastes