By Anonymous - 13/06/2009 19:47 - United States

Today, I gave a carpet shampooing demonstration in a stranger's home. To my surprise, the white expensive carpet was dyed grey due to something in the solution. The owner held me hostage in her house by barracading the door until my manager got there. FML
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Well, if it was THAT expensive, they shouldn't have taken the chance. I said it's their fault.


WTF #8, rape is never funny

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Lmao i'm sorry but i just pictured this in my head and laughed for about 3 mins(knee slapping included)

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Punch the beef curtain in the frontbutt

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best kirby story ever :)

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everett's friend.... is this david???

no, this is patrick.

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Well, why the hell would you try to leave? You had best stay there to explain yourself and the problem to the manager. If you leave, it just makes everything worse... you can't run away from problems like that, they're not just going to go away because you buried your head in the sand like an anti-war liberal. And to the people speaking of rape, it sounds like the other way around. Perhaps she wanted him?

#13 unless you're raping a clown

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should of went to fridge

Has anyone heard the new SunnO))) album? Quite heavy going!

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Lol, I moderated this one. FYL. Hah.