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Dicks Sporting Goods: Buy our balls.

That's pretty awesome.


That's pretty awesome.

hah hah hah was he asian ? get it election haha erection? dick joke ahaha

haha was he like asain? har har har cuz like election. and erection. ahaha dick jokes.

so, did your grandpa get 'erected' ?

Sadly, no. OP is from Australia. If OP was from Asia, there would be a chance, though.

this is hardly an FML... that is AWESOME!!

is there an antiques road show in Australia?

icwutudidthar..,, haha nice

vote dicks. change will cum.

will the change cum soon or take hours? days? months? or years?

#47 I was going to say that

Dickinson cuz that's where it belong

I misread it as 'erection'. it made a lot more sense.

Guess everyone wanted the D.

since he didn't get elected i'd say disgusted would over-rule impressed.

How could you possibly know he wasn't elected?

You can tell.

What exactly was said that gave that away?

Are you a teenage boy or a senior citizen?

I don't think he was running son, I think they were for who he was voting for.

I wonder what he'd have done if he was elected...

don't you mean erected???

No, I think not,

Yes 138, exactly what I was thinking!

Dicks Sporting Goods: Buy our balls.

this literally made my laugh out loud.

I litterally loled at this :) nicee one

Dicks sporting goods: we have all your balls.

how is that an FML, sounds brilliant!

I like Dick :). So would've voted for him...

I don't like Dick. I prefer his opponent, Cunt.

I thought his opponent was Mike Hunt.?

Hey dicks sporting goods new slogans

dicks: we got balls

i bet he did that on purpose. i would have so voted for him lol