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  Redgy22  |  26

if the boyfriend is going to cheat, he is going to cheat. No girl or sexy dance is going to make him do anything he is not willing to already do.

  withered  |  30

Just because you are that desperate that you would fuck anyone that shows a little bit of interest in you it does not mean every male is like that.

By  ezrajab  |  22

Sorry op fyl remember karma is a bitch

By  Akenatyl  |  25

An ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend isn't your property. Once they are your ex you have no say on what they do.
Crazy how sexism is hidden in the smallest crevices...


How is that sexism? Her friend is shitty. You dont go after your friends ex immediately after their break up, especially if it was a serious relationship. It doesnt matter what a persons gender is, you do that shit and you're garbage

By  L'elleBelle  |  6

I'm sorry, what?
You taught your best girl to teach you your sexy moves within the <= 6 days you broke up with your boyfriend because, quote "she wants to get into your *ex-boyfriend's* pants"?

Let that sink in....

She said that? "Ex". In the six or less days that you broke up with him? And you taught her those moves within those days on that premise nevertheless? What is wrong with you? Either with agreeing to that (if that is the case, then you have no claim to blame) or *not* agreeing to that and still sort of 'accidentally' have taught her those moves within six days?

Nuh uh. You are portraying dates and years 'gone by' wrongly here for your own self-serving wallowing. They don't make sense. You are putting to shame people who can have no blame in this whatsoever.

You said it yourself already, you taught your best girl the moves within the *two years* and then make it sound like she used all your moves within the week that you broke up.
Damn, woman. She learned it from you. So, it wasn't the moves that made you break up. Give a better reason.

Addendum: if you think your boyfriend of two years broke up with you because your best girlfriend learned your moves better than you can and your boyfriend fell for it by... I must say, vague suppositions only coming from your side.... then maybe either you have no business in trusting him or he does not in you.
Which is it?