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Today, a guy threatened to sue me for fraud because I informed him that he had to start paying back his student loans. FML
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brocho 26

Lol, tell him to go ahead. We'll see how well that holds up in court.


And that, Ladies and Gentlemen is what we call Maximum Overtard.

I cringed when I read this but at the same time I thought it was kind of funny. You are welcome for my story.

What #2 said. My stepdad wasn't paying his loans so the state started taking money out of his pay checks

Am I the only one who thinks maybe the guy thought OP was a scammer? My mom had her identity stolen several years ago, and they continue to call all of the numbers they can get (including mine) claiming that we owe xxx amount of money.. And it's always for something different. If the guy took out a student loan, I'm sure he knows he has to pay it back..

Well hopefully it's not because you got the wrong guy. Either way fyl sorry op

Technically, he can't sue you but he can try suing the place you work...and then have the suit thrown out

MonstreBelle 28

Then he can owe even more money than just his student loans, but it doesn't sound like he is intelligent enough to realize that. Common sense just isn't that common for some people.

Murilirum 23

Let me guess, law school? Sounds like a law school student if I've ever heard one!

tantanpanda 26

It doesnt take a law student to make an empty threat of suing someone.

Nah, law students are more crafty than that. My friend is a law student and she mentioned that you could just leave the UK temporarily and come back a few years later. The fee "expires" after a couple of years. Although that may just be in Scotland. We have a different education and legal system up here.

#17 thats a big myth going round about student finance. Its absolutely not true and if you move to another country you will still have to pay it back except it will be according to interest rates in your new country. Same in Scotland and England. Only difference is in Scotland if you are a Scottish resident or EU citizen you do not pay fees.

He's probably too broke to pay back his student loans, much less sue you.

brocho 26

Lol, tell him to go ahead. We'll see how well that holds up in court.

I saw something on Judge Judy, where this guy refused to pay a chiropractor because "his back still hurt" and the chiropractor got sued for asking for his money, but the chiropractor won. Anyway, Sorry OP, If he sues he shouldn't win as hopefully you kept records on him having student loans that haven't been paid back yet. I can understand not wanting to pay student loans, but you still have to ( or at least you should ) pay them back, that's life. Otherwise you'll be in debt. And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't having debts ruin your credit score? Although things might be different in the UK.

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Congarts. I think you hold the record of the longest comments on FML. (on this fml and the previous) :P

You must be new here, 13. That is nowhere near the longest comment ever made on FML. I've made longer comments myself many times.

Student loans don't harm your credit score in the U.K.

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