By raaquel - 25/01/2011 06:10 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend of 5 years has been cheating on me with a Realtor. The same Realtor who helped me sell my condo so I could move in with my boyfriend. FML
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Talk about full service. Sucks!

why would you write realtor with a capital letter


bobkim302 0

Talk about full service. Sucks!

does this fml remind any one of the therapist one?

lovexbox 8

Reminds me of the therapist one.

drew1978 4

It does sound like the rapist and therapist one. I will submit one but change it to mailman. that sounds good. OP should definitely talk to the realators boss and cause trouble at work for her.

shell pay for mixing business with pleasure

JennaMason 6

How shameless! I hate people like that :(

FilthyJeepGirl 1

Do you have any clue how bad the housing market is right now? You should be grateful she helped you sell your condo. Maybe he cheated on you because you're an ungrateful bitch. Just sayin...

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"filthyjeepgirl" don't your parents give you enough attention at the car park:(

whatup360 1

really? if she had known she'd rather stay at the condo.. dur

whatup360 1

4- or maybe your the bitch that sold her condo! just saying

your a cold bitch. cheating is never ok I don't care what you do!

Well at least you know a good realtor, because one of you has to move out now.

Never trust those Realtors... You never going to know when they're going to snatch up your partners!

I'm a realtor and yeah I can see that.

Silver lining: With your boyfriend screwing the realtor, you'll probably pay less commission... look on the bright side!

why would you write realtor with a capital letter

the difference between realtor is you can't sue them but you can sue the therapist. sorry that you can't sue her.

The difference between... no wait... I got this... the difference bet... wait what?

'Difference between a Realtor and a Psychologist'

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Wait... I got this.... It's 27, right?