By ManchotDesAndes - 26/02/2015 07:35 - France - Bezons

Today, my 3-year-old daughter came along, pointing a finger at me. I pretended to eat it by putting it in my mouth. She then said to me with disgust, "Why are you eating my booger?" Ah, that explains the saltiness… FML
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You always look at the fingers when they come toward you! Always! You can't trust those little minions!

At least it wasn't poo


tossaway2321 5

You need to burn your mouth now

iLike2Teabag 27

It's just a booger

CAC_Boomerang 24

With a comment like that #1, maybe it's you who needs to "burn" their mouth.

iLike2Teabag 27

Trust me, there are far worse things to have in your mouth than a booger.

i agree with #43, could have been shit lol

I dont think he was being serious about burning his mouth. It was intended as an expression of disgust.

Ah, always be sure to check everything first when you have kids, OP.

littleteapot 21

My 2 year old just taught me this lesson.

You always look at the fingers when they come toward you! Always! You can't trust those little minions!

Another thing I have learned to do with my future kids. Thank you FML community, from saving me from tons of future submissions.

At least it wasn't poo

When I was about three I ran naked to find my mum, she kissed my baby bum cheek [that's normal - I saw it on a baby lotion advert] when I said I'd found her because we had run out of toilet paper...

Looks like you're still naked in your photo. Things never change.

Oh my lord the burn is too powerful.

Tip, don't put anything a small child is pointing at you in your mouth. Fyl Op.

Eww. I suppose it could have been worse, though.

ahh parenthood

Hopefully she just laughs and forgets.

I'm sure she will since she's only 3.

It would be awkward is she brought it up in a few days. Haha but yeah I guess you're right! (:

Age 3 is when most recall their first earliest memories. Some say it's associated with a child's speech development.

nonsensical 26

i hear boogers taste like mac n cheese... is that true?

Why don't you test it out for yourself? Op shared with us saying it was salty.

nonsensical 26

I think i will. I'll keep you all informed!!

N3766 20

I heard it taste like shit, but i never try shit so I can't tell..

Don't pretend you never tried your own bogey as a kid

Actually you could ask my teacher who goes around at lunch sticking fries up his nose then eats them

The joys of parenting..