By WittyMoron - 01/07/2015 18:10 - United Kingdom

Today, our family dog died. A couple of hours after the death, my mother-in-law slapped my crying five year old son over the head and told him to "Man up." She totally refuses to admit she did anything wrong. FML
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I told my wife that was completely unacceptable, and as some people said, I took the high road in not slapping her back. I began an argument with my wife about it, and it got a bit intense. I told her that her mother could not come back, and she got quite angry. I went into the living room and began to cry. This is what gets me. What she did taught him the wrong thing. My son came in, said "Man up, daddy!" and tried to slap me, but he's little so it didn't hurt. But anyway, I got even more furious that he had learnt something from it. The argument ensued. Things are a bit cold. Sleeping on the sofa now but I told my son it's okay to be upset. Buried the dog, and needless to say my MIL is not invited back for a little while.

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MzZombicidal 36

I would have slapped her in the face with my fist.

i would have slapped her over her head with a chair. i mean come on that is ******* cruel. he is just a little kid.

and a dog can mean so much to a person. my dog died a few weeks ago and I grew up with her. I wouldn't stop crying until 4 days later. I still get sad when I think of her.

You should hit her back and tell her "don't be a ****" I would of been livid.

Gross. Crying, caring and loving something isn't a weakness.

mimirawr14 17
mds9986 24

Same here. I have no problem hitting a women if she's that much of a bitch.

mikeman1744 18

Bury your mother-in-law next to the dog

NotGabe 28

Your user pic makes your comment all the more better.

#4 That would be an insult to the dpg. Instead bury her ass up an use her as a bike rack so she is good for something.

#4 That would be an insult to the dpg. Instead bury her away from the dog in a shallow grave , ass up an use her for a bike rack so she is good for something. damn edit time ran out

lexiieeex3 32

93- there's always someone who goes too far...

She's disgusting. Let your son know mourning is a natural thing and tell your mother in law that what she did was wrong, even if she doesn't think so. I would try my best to avoid that sort of negativity if I were you OP.

amileah13 26

What a horrible thing to do. Poor kid :(

Sorry if my MIL did that to my child she would not be seeing my child for a really long time. Hitting a child that is not your own is never acceptable. Hitting a child that is grieving and going through a NORMAL emotional process is outrageous.

Should have slapped her head and told her to grow a heart. How horrible! I hope there were words exchanged between you, your wife and her. That is unacceptable behavior for anyone, nonetheless Grandma

pleasedie 22

Should've slapped her back and told her to bitch down

Honestly, if anyone family or otherwise hit my daughter in that situation I would have beaten them black & blue and if they complained I would call the police for them. When the officers arrive & I point out they was hitting my child & I then defended my daughter, said child beater gets nicked it.