By yacoob - 24/01/2009 21:34 - United States

Today, I figured out that my baby-powder container can be closed by twisting the cap. I just got back from a long trip. My suitcase used to be black. FML
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izzix3 0

so did Michael Jackson [:

starberries 0

You just figured out how to close a container of baby powder? Have you learned to tie your own shoes yet?


Laid2Rest6661 0

Lol that fucking sucks bro

sum one am dum...

I just want to know how he opened it if he didn't know how to close it.

izzix3 0

so did Michael Jackson [:

hahahahahahaha lmao!!

isaiaha11 2

#2 ftw

reneebellinger 8

He used to be a man too.

you're an idiot

Ohhh u sir are a moron

InsanityInc 0

Retaaaard... ;) Ahahahaha... that's just a bad day...

your suitcase sounds like micheal jackson.

YDI for being an idiot

You just created your owm White House | Black Market store!!! You should get it franchised right away!

yes don't worry you did.