By hellpop - United Kingdom - London
Today, I felt pretty. As I deal with a severe anxiety and depression, I was proud of myself. All until a little girl asked: "Are you a boy or a girl?" FML
hellpop tells us more :
Hey, OP here! c I just wanted to quickly clarify, I did not expect this to be published I was having a pretty bad day and out of needing to vent so I posted the most recent event. I am a cis female, not transgender. However I have polycystic ovarian disorder and I deal with hair growing in places such as my face which is why I believe the girl asked as I hadn't shaved that day... For me, the testosterone I have really effects my confidence so this did knock me back a little bit but thankfully I have very supportive friends and wonderful boyfriend who tell me not to worry so much. c: Thank you for all the positive feedback and comments, it really helps.
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  bdsmslave  |  18

Trust me, as a teacher I can assure you that those little mouths frequently don't have any filters. Last week alone I got, "Ma'am, why did you get so fat?" and "Why do you always look like a gangster?" Oh, and my favourite, "Are you really only 26? You look 40!"

  bdsmslave  |  18

#69, teachers have private lives too, you know. Our existence don't begin as soon as we walk into the classroom and end when we walk out (even though learners seem to think that). We just do a better job of hiding the embarrassing shit we do.

  PhinIt2WinIt  |  24

#135 imagine if your students found out about it. I don't know how you would react to that. especially if it was posted online. wait why the heck did we get off topic on fml

By  nataliewby  |  25

Don't worry about it OP, little kids tend to not know what's appropriate to say and what isn't. I'm sure you're a very beautiful person inside and out, keep your chin up(:

By  Shadowvoid  |  33

It will get better OP, You have to surround yourself with positive people and remember that what you think is more important than what others think. Also, stay away from toxic people. I hope you feel better soon.

  MlleMC_fml  |  19

No, depression is a disease. My roommate was surrounded by loving people, and she still relapsed into depression as soon as her doctor tried to reduce her medication.

  brezzyanna  |  17

I have anxiety and I'm not around negative people. Most people I know with anxiety have it from negative past experiences, something that cannot be changed with positive people

By  shaaza  |  16

Don't worry about what others say about you. If you feel pretty, then you are pretty. People who judge you are either haters or snobs but don't let that bring you down. You are your own strength so keep your head up and think to yourself: "I'M PRETTY AND I'M PROUD!" Then keep walking on.