By LovelessNewlywed - 14/12/2016 22:41

Today, for the first time since my partner moved in with me, I did one of my favourite things: I bought some nice cheese and a bottle of wine and went on to People of Walmart, just as I do every month or so. He called me a disgusting human being and went for a walk two hours ago. FML
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What the hell. Who buys fancy wine and cheese for watching the people of Walmart.

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You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!


ShortieRose 30

You don't need that kind of negativity in your life!

Which negativity? The partner? PoWM? or FML?...or all of the above?

Well, insulting someone and then leaving to guilt-trip them doesn't make him sound like a winner either...

Going for a walk might just be how OP's partner handles stress. And he might have called OP disgusting for the wine and cheese to look at a website instead of with him. As someone already said, living together is a compromise. You can't expect your partner to enjoy every little thing you do and you don't have to like everything they do.

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Lol, I don't understand, why this comment got buried...

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who insinuated he was a woman, Dennis? Hmmmmm? Well, Dennis!? Huh!? That's right. No one! At none of the three comment convo thing above you...

Maybe leaving for two hours and insulting your partner is a shitty way of communicating.

What the hell. Who buys fancy wine and cheese for watching the people of Walmart.

Yeah that seems a bit odd. I'm assuming she does it to feel even more superior while looking at people of wallmart.

don't we all have guilty pleasures like this?

You wouldn't understand, you hetero pleb.

You don't have to be so anal about it. (I couldn't resist.)

maybe he's pissed that you don't buy nice cheese & wine to have with him but you'll buy it to look at People of Walmart.

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I bet he's afraid that you will find a picture of him on the site.

Some people can't stand people who are judgemental. You left yourself open for that one. Try damage control.

The irony being that calling people judgemental is in itself being judgemental.

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15, Oh no, a spelling mistake. How awful!

What is People of Walmart? And why buy nice cheeses and wine for something I can assume is childish and rather distasteful? Why not buy it since a treat for the two of you instead?

People of Walmart of a satire website with a gallery of photos of Walmart shoppers, who are shown to do or wear something weird and/or embarrassing.

You set up a scenario where you get to fill your negative desire to feel superior and be judgmental. I get it. There is a reason that site is popular. But you don't know if he's had a loved one mocked on that site or maybe he grew up being made fun of so the needless mocking of strangers for no good reason upsets him. We all have our guilty pleasures. They're guilty for a reason. Yours also panders to a really gross side of humanity at large. I hope you two have a good conversation out of this.

I would also be upset if I found out my loved one liked to laugh at people just being themselves. You're not supposed to take pictures of people who don't consent and then post it online for people to ridicule. It's a form of bullying. Some of the posts on that site are not so bad, but I have no doubt in my mind that these people have had their pic taken without their consent. Don't do something to someone you wouldn't want done to you.

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It is human nature to laugh at the misfortunes and/or the stupidity of other people with or without their knowledge. Why do you think you tube and so many sites like people of Walmart is so popular. Feeling superior and or judgmental has nothing to do with it. They just find it funny. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, it's just the way people are.

Yes, feeling superior and judgmental has A LOT to do with it. Why do you think people find it funny? Because their thoughts are "I would never do that." Superior and judgmental. Don't kid yourself. Just because you don't recognize it as such doesn't mean that's not what it is.

I doubt it is the feeling of superiority. You don't know why OP likes to do this. I'd assume he just thinks it's a funny website and, if so, why should we put him down for that. I don't like the website but that doesn't mean I refuse to let anyone else like it.

Sounds like a good way to relax- maybe invite him to join you, and find a website or tv show that you both can enjoy? Moving in with someone takes a lot of adjustments, and compromises on both ends. Find out what he finds relaxing, and try his idea too. Good luck OP!