By virgacs - 01/12/2014 13:58 - Hungary - Budapest

Today, my husband shaved off his beard. Turns out he looks like my ex. FML
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virgacs tells us more.

OP here. Thank you all for the hillarious comments. I had seen him without a beard before of course, but he has recently lost some weight and turns out it changed his features a bit.


Amazing what facial hair can do. Love him anyway!

I don't get why there are people saying "still love him." Is this seriously such a big deal that it would make somebody stop loving their spouse?

plot twist: it actually was OP's Ex the whole time!

suprise surprise. wonder why you picked him

#1's photo looks like a cartoon of #15's

CFwife 11

Oh my gosh!! It does!! That's so funny!

I bet his personality isnt like your ex tho

How could you know why she broke up with her? It could be many reasons.

why all the down votes? #48 isn't completely wrong. this may be a stretch, but what if OP's Ex died? what if OP and the ex mutually broke off because he or she had to move away, or they just didn't have that spark anymore. This could really use a follow up, as we shouldn't exactly judge the ex as a bad person just because he's the ex.

why dont' you shave his head? he definitely won't look like your ex after that. joking! but it wouldn't matter if you really love him.

If he shaves his head he won't look like her ex anymore but he would look like Professor X.

#18 you mean the guy from the show breaking bad?

As long as he doesn't start to act like your ex, you should be good OP.

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Unless she liked her ex's personality and it was he who ended it.

I was going to pull a pun for this FML, but I'll shave it for later.

Don't shave it for too long he might get EX-cited to hear about it

That was a close shave, we missed being subjected to a horrible pun by just a whisker. A fact for which I am EXtremely grateful.

#7 / #17 / #20 / #24 You are all just pure win. Lol'ing & made my day more than OP :)

Please pull it now, EX-cept don't if it's not EX-ceptional like the Professor X in that ex-celent movie.

He's your hubby and you didn't know what his soft, naked, hairless face looked like? For shame Jk OP. I hope you still love him regardless of his resemblance to your ex beardless wonder.

You should've realized that before you married him.

How have you not noticed yet? Did you get married in a week?

I was thinking the same thing, maybe he has always had a beard, even when they dated, and got married. And for some reason he just wanted to shave it now.

#13 facial hair completely changes a person! I was friends with a guy with a beard for two years and as soon as he shaved he looked like a totally different person. So it's natural not to notice

I was 21 when I first saw my dad without a moustache , when you find something that works, stick with it!