By stressedmom36 - 13/08/2015 23:50 - United States - Tampa

Today, my 4-year-old son's daycare called because he kissed a few girls. They explained he can't walk up and kiss little girls. I thought the situation was under control, until I was called an hour later to remove him from the premises for kissing little boys. FML
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He's a 4yr old kid Dude. Homophobic much? That is how little kids act at times. It's all innocent behavior.

MasterTron 24

He's 4, he does not know any better

Well yeah he doesn't know better. I'm not saying it has something to do with anything else other than he's just a kid. But technically you're not exactly too young to know what gender you're attracted to

#34 what do you mean he doesn't know better? I hope you didn't mean he "doesn't know better" as far as kissing boys. People know what gender(s) they're attracted to at a very young age. If you're being rude about the situation you shouldn't have said anything. He's a four year old boy. He shouldn't have to grow up believing his preference is wrong.

Redgy22 26

He 4. Not stupid. He's old enough to know NOT to touch or kiss others @ school. Obviously he hasn't been taught appropriate behavior. My 3 year old knows better.

The kid is 4, 72. Appropriate behavior is still being learned. If he was 10 and doing that, your comment would have bearing. Otherwise this fml is adorable and youre just as bad as the overreacting daycare workers. Theyre just kids. Stop sexualizing an innocent little thing.

Uh oh the PC police are out in force today.

talking about sexuality at all makes you PC police, apparently.

76-- I totally agree with you about it being innocent (and cute), but, as a former daycare worker, I can kind of understand why the daycare did what it did. All it takes is for one kid to say something to a parent who will totally freak out. Imagine one of the boys telling a homophobic parent another boy kissed him. Or the parent of a little girl who decides the boy is sexually harassing their child. It's possible OP's son kissed a kid whose parent notoriously overreacts about everything. Daycares are businesses-- if a parent causes a stink about something, the daycare could lose money and get poor word-of-mouth. By sending OP's son home, they can at least show the other parents that they're being proactive (even though sending him home isn't the best way to handle it, from an education stand point, it would be enough to possibly shut up an angry parent) Working in daycare, I saw a lot of ridiculous decisions made just to appease parents (especially when it involved conflicts between children). I could be wrong, but working in daycare, I saw stuff like this all the time. And we always knew which kids' parents would throw a shit fit over the littlest thing. Ridiculous? Yes, but it's most likely because they're afraid of parents. And sorry for the long comment.... :)

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@85: no, thank YOU for your comment. I read it with great interest.

I'm pretty sure #34 means that he doesn't know that he can't just walk up and kiss random people in a public place

i think this is more a hygiene thing than sexual. little kids have germs and spread them

#108 Don't you mean... COOTIES?!! *dramatic music starts playing*

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You are totally missing the point. He wasn't asked to leave because he was kissing boys, he was asked to leave because they had already received one warning and the behavior continued.

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When i read the FML this was my first thought

I mean he was technically following the rules they set forth for him the first time.

karcummings 19

i haven't even had my first kiss.. sounds like your son will be a natural to this stuff when he grows older.

At least you seem to have a very open minded son, which shows good parenting on your part! Good job, OP!

thatonetribute 31

Yeah, good parenting to let your kid invade other children's personal space/boundaries.

He kisses girls and they only phone home. He kisses boys and they ask for him to be removed. That sounds a little homophobic.... o.O

2nd 20

It's because he didn't listen the first time that they removed him.

reminds me of this "I hug a girl like it don't mean nothin then I turn around and start hugging her cousin."

fpants2010 18

Things are getting so out of hand with the way people react to things. When my son was 17 MONTHS OLD he looked up a baby girls skirt and the daycare wanted him removed for "sexual harassment" and asked the girls parents if they wanted to press charges. The parents laughed at them and said no but can you imagine otherwise? I was furious with the daycare!!

I can imagine you didn't send your son to that daycare after that. That was ridiculous for them to overreact like that over a 17 month old doing something he won't even remember.

What the Hell is wrong with this world?

That's just ridiculous. A daycare should know that kids are curious and might do something like that, while they don't know it is seen as wrong. Good to know the other parents weren't that dumb to press charges. I didn't even know it was possible to press charges over that.

gross. They are the ones who sexualized the baby girl.

fpants2010 18

I did switch him to a different facility! He's 5 now and has no interest in looking up skirts ;)

nonsensical 26

You make it seem like he's looking up pant legs now

Who in their right mind would actually press charges against an infant.

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A little boy about 6 years old, on our block got caught "playing doctor" by a little girl's parents. They traumatized the little boy, made him go to child therapy. Told him he is forbidden to play with any of the other children unsupervised. As if hes some kind of sexual predator. If he wasnt messed up before he is now.

corky1992 33

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! They're still babies for crying out loud!

danceinconverse 25

I don't think children under six can even BE charged. They literally don't have the brain development to know that what they're doing is illegal.

I have a feeling if they did press charges, the judge would have laughed them out of the court room.

Attacksloth 33

Political correctness can go too far. Case and point, I got yelled at by a lady on the bus for supposedly ogling her when I just glanced in her direction for a few seconds. Held up my phone with a picture of my wife, and said, "no lady, I have standards."

the DA wouldn't let it get that far.... Luckily there are sane people out there that decide the fate.

That's awful! How can they place sexual harassment on someone too young to know what either of those words even mean?

I can't imagine a child being charged with sexual harassment, however, daycare workers (and teachers) are mandatory reporters. We're trained to look out for unusual, aggressive, or advanced sexual behavior in children-- it can be an indication that the child is being abused. If the child was questioned, it was most likely to find out if that child had been abused. The tricky part, especially with toddlers and younger children, is for the daycare worker or teacher to distinguish between what's normal sexual curiosity/activity and what could be an indicator that the child has been sexually abused. When I worked in daycare, we had a four year old boy who kept offering girls a quarter to see their underwear. That's kind of normal-- and I'd seen variations of it from other kids before. Then he made me the same offer and it really creeped me out. After a lot of thought (and discussion with my supervisor), I made a report to DCFS. During their investigation, they discovered the boy's uncle had been molesting him (the parents had no clue and were grateful to me for filing a report). Little kids do all kinds of weird sexual things-- and it's mostly just curiosity (I, or anybody who's worked with children, could tell you crazy stories). But sometimes there are darker reasons for the behavior. As a teacher, you always hope you're wrong and overreacting, but there's always that fear that you're right.

Xandrick 22

While that is definitely harassment, they're just little kids who won't know any better for a while. All that can be done is to continue teaching them right from wrong and hope it sticks. :P

I don't think a 4 year old offering money to someone to see their udies is normal at all....