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lol first of all i work at a WAMU where our name tags give our full name so no lies there. secondly, this guy was twice my age. i was not being bitchy at all. he said hi and then i smiled and said hi back. it's one thing when you greet someone. it's another when you keep following them asking personal questions. i didn't give a fake name on purpose. it was just a natural reaction. lol but yea i guess it wasn't smart to walk out with my name tag still on. o and btw not to be rude but i took AP english so i'm pretty sure i know how to use “proceeded” in a sentence correctly. it's not my fault if other ppl don't or overuse it.
By kandykrazed17 - / Saturday 23 May 2009 12:14 / United States
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  notsofriendly  |  17

Following her isn't creepy? Pretty sure it is. Some guys act like girls owe them a chance, but we don't owe anyone anything, and we're not "close-minded bitches" for not wanting to share our personal information when we don't feel comfortable.

  my_butt_hurts  |  0

because she used a fakename when he could see her real name. because I'm Bo yo. I'm the greatest rapper ever and i wether u whether whether you think I'm clever or not think ur better ur not I'm a real gshawty that can really find ur g-spot

By  KyleOkposofan  |  0

Depends on his age in my opinion. If he was in his 40s, fat, only wearing an undershirt with stains on it and a pair of shorts, then yeah, fyl indeed. If he was young(like around the OP's probable age), then I'd probably would take this just as him wanting to get to know the OP.

*under assumption that the OP is in her late teens/early-mid 20s.

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