By Anonymous - 13/11/2009 01:54 - United States

Today, I had a minor outpatient procedure that required sedation. I am not supposed to drive or even be alone for 24 hours. My husband wouldn't take the day off to go with me, and instead of coming home from work, he is at the bar with his coworkers. FML
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If not, then at least a big ass fight. Seriously OP, I must wtf at your husband. Is a day with the your spouse so hard? Could have at least spent part of the day with you....

I agree, I hope you're filing as we speak here. I could play devil's advocate and say "You knew what kind of person he was when you married him" but I think a situation like this just calls for what I said first. If you're willing, end it now or be prepared for things like this to happen for the rest of your life.

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I hope so. Any man who does something like that is not a man you want to be with.

I think divorce may be a bit harsh. Perhaps the husband did not truly understand the importance of both the procedure and the need for him to be with her... not to defend him or anything, not necessarily a good thing that he's ignorant enough not to realize (if this is the case)

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Sounds like I've got ur self a great husband.. Nice and selfish just the way we like em.. Not.

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Maybe you should get a divorce. Under the circumstances you could have a happier, better life ten years from now if you get out now.

You should have told him you were getting breast enhancement, instead of the lap-band. He would have found a way to take the day off work and probably skip going to the bar also.

Ditch him. He's a jerk and I can't imagine him ever being helpful. Even if you love him, you have to think of yourself some too. You should impress upon him that, though unlikely, his selfish carelessness could have killed you (or something, perhaps not killed.)