Salad days

By ugh - 04/07/2013 18:28 - South Africa - Durban

Today, as I was enjoying a nice fish salad, my father looked me dead in the eyes and said, "Ahh, salmon. The 'other' pink meat", then winked suggestively at my mother. I don't think I can ever eat fish again. FML
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Well, looks like you'll be skipping the sushi date for their anniversary.


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OP could have softened the mood by saying: "You mean, after Spam?"

At least they're in a loving relationship. All you have to worry about is the pink meat you already swallowed.

zen1979 16

@29 "thats what She said!!!!" ba dum, tss. Lol sorry * hangs head in shame*

for some reason I read 43's comment in an Adam Sandler voice

Well, looks like you'll be skipping the sushi date for their anniversary.

friedpwnadge 25

Don't worry, I'm sure the scale of your thoughts is much less than you imagine it to be. Keep on swimming, keep on swimming...

It's "It's"... If you're gonna Grammar Nazi someone do it right!

Why did he have to look you in the eye?! To permanently scar you for life?!

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No one will forget anything done to them with prolonged, piercing eye contact :)

chocolatefrog28 29

At least he was reminded by salmon, instead of raw chicken.

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Um... raw chicken is off-white, correct?

KiddoKS 19

At least it didn't remind him of "blue waffles"

Pink when it's skinless, whitish with skin still on.

What's pink an smells like fish? I'll give you a hint, it's not your salad

A filthy or infected ******. You should probably be worried if the ones you've come across smell like fish, #6.

cottoncandymango 17

So much for a "nice fish salad"...

Kinda makes me wonder how different his comment would have been had you been enjoying a nice, foot long hotdog. ;P

challan 19

Well, it seems as if your mom is fishy, but luckily your dad doesn't seem to mind!