By tommy - 06/06/2009 12:41 - United States

Today, I called my friend in Australia to have a nice long chat, what I did not know was that my dad had removed my international calling plan, I talked to my friend for 5 hours, and ran up a huge phone bill, which I have to take out of the money I saved up to go see her. FML
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treli1593 0

use ventrilo or skype next time

evilevi 0

Why does your dad have the permission to change your contract? Get your own!


ashbaby010 0

your dad probably should have told you he took that off. should have made him pay for it.

owch, how much could it have been?

tell your dad to suck a dick and that your moving away to auss and staying at your friends house :D fyl tell him its his fault for being an idiot and not telling you the international calling is off what a shithead =D

OOF bummer.... that sucks- hope u can somehow still see her

Trooth 13

aww that stinks. I think you should make your dad pay because he should've told you.



That bites. And #9... Wow.

Oh god I wish they would invent something like IM, but so that you could actually TALK to the other person over the microphone and phones :( That'd be awesome :( [/sarcasm - for Slowpokes]

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#16 & #17- #9 was also the first comment, check the username.